My daughter Wendy is getting her masters in film at U of New Orleans. She's in production of her thesis film, The Veil, about a certain fictional (of course) cultish church where a young congregant is induced to marry the pastor. You can check out the synopsis below. Wendy needs help funding the production and is going through the crowd funding site Indiegogo. Here's a link to her Indiegogo submission - http://www.indiegogo.com/theveil

and the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheVeilmovie.


They're shooting at Evergreen Plantation, where Django Unchained (Quentin Tarantino's latest movie) just shot. The Veil's Pastor Addison is played by the actor who was Dick Cheney's lawyer in W. (directed by Oliver Stone).

She'll be submitting The Veil to film festivals across the nation, spreading the word everywhere. Her previous short film, Impressionable, related to the same theme, is currently in the film festival circuit. Some earlier works are at http://vimeo.com/grangergs.


We're hoping to get your help with donations and to spread the word to others in our godless community who want to expose the faith community's ways. Liking the facebook page and sharing the Indiegogo link, and commenting on the Indiegogo page itself are especially helpful to get her campaign featured on the website. If you have a blog or a website adding a link can help too!


This is an opportunity to be a part of the film making process. They've been hard at work and have gathered some great resources already. She just needs our help with the rest. You can be a part of the seedling stage of a great film production career.

Nate Granger                                      


Elise Galveston, 18 years old, has never really experienced life outside the Church of the Children of Christ, the close-knit community founded by the charismatic Pastor Addison, who keeps his flock under strict control. Through she has the opportunity to go to college on a tennis scholarship, she's still unlikely to get away from the congregation... as she is scheduled to soon marry the middle-aged Addison. She believes in the pastor, and trusts him... but she doesn't love him.

The film takes place over a single day: the day of the wedding itself. Elise, taught by the pastor to believe that she is an imperfect vessel and that her own feelings are suspect, searches for a sign from God so she can know for sure what path she should take: secure marriage or freedom from the oppressive church in a world she doesn't know. In a dramatic and dark climax, when she finally finds her sign, her life is forever altered.


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Tks. Please spread the word.

Sounds interesting!  Good luck to your daughter with her film career and with this film.  

Tks. Please spread the word.

sounds creepy! considering the polarization of these.. cults... ; )


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