I believe that everything the Catholic Church has done and said just prior to the resignation of Benedict and ongoing through the election of Francis is entirely scripted to distract followers and critics away from the church's recent disfavor in the world.

Francis is coming across all humble and favoring the poor.  He packs his own suitcase.  He refuses to wear the red cloak.  He refuses to sleep in the opulent apartment and chooses a bare room instead.  He refuses to stand on a pedestal but on the level with other cardinals.  He washes the feet of women and Muslims.  See.  The CC is based on humility and service not on amassing wealth for its own aggrandizement and for protecting this status at all costs.

Chosen from among the older cardinals, Francis can also resign in ten years or so if the church is in more hot water since a precedent has been set.  I think this is a very clever move on the part of the church.  They must have a new PR firm.

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