Church reaches out to 'scumbags' church in FL. Regards to idiot w/Quran fever; wtf is your problem?

May as well throw this in too:

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And now I have a headache again.

LOL. hit cntrl + or command +.

Or search for it at goog news; cya!

I believe Sam Harris points this out as well as anybody, that literal, fundamental, and rabid following is precisely what the bible demands of its followers as opposed to skeptical, reasonable moderation. Idk that many scriptures but I know there is one where Christians are specifically advised to definetly be either hot or cold but not lukewarm as that will only result in being spit out of gods mouth unwanted.

And like Mr. Harris I personaly prefer theists to be moderate but they are precisely the ones that are w/o even the flimsy foundation that fundamentalists have in their own rule book.

Their own rule book(s). Run on Microsoft Windows. As far as I know do not accept gay benefits; Apple does. Riddle me that?

BTW, lost me at 'what the bible demands' a man demands; or woman demands; not a fkn' book. That's great great great Grannnies old technique.

Enjoy your family n' friends! Keep em' happy in the bs times pushed on crap ass news sources.

I think Mr. Harris makes my point better than I would, do I will provide this link and pick out my favorite line.

"Islam is a religion of peace. And if you disagree we will kill you.

Shanna Bukhari

all about the women; unfortuntely they've been mislead by so many of the wrong influences as well in superficial America. There is an opposition to ignorance nowdays it can be found here and other social nets.

No wonder the big corps want to hoard the bandwidth and keep the USA as far from the French model of open internet.. eh? eh?




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