Just another article that I found that makes me /facepalm/


First, a youth leader in a western Missouri church pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a minor.

Then the victim sued the church, New Life Bible Church of Easton, and its former youth leader, Michael J. Landy.

And now the church is suing the victim’s parents, saying they were negligent for placing her in Landy’s care. The action contends the parents — who are missionaries for the church — “breached their duty to
provide for the proper care, custody and control of their daughter.”


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Whoa, strange world we live in. might help to have a link to the article. of course, there's google. here's one article, I don't know if it's what you saw.
no prob, just trying to be helpful. Weird story.
The problem today is that children are just too damned sexy. I blame the parents.
Oh thats bad. :-)
Tell it to the Pope, friend.


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