Subtitle:  Fox News tries to shove it up their A*s.


This Fox News guy could'nt possibly be anymore obsequious in revealing his bias towards the christian right, in interviewing this Humanistic Pastor.   He's even able to out-do the traditional christian representative that they brought on board for the story - who appears to be genuinely embarrassed, in attempting to correct the words stuffed in his mouth, by this 'news' guy.  


See if you agree.




In case you're not seeing the embedded player, here's the link:


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Where's the link?
Sam, The video is embedded in / under the discussion at the top of the page - are you not seeing it?
Ahh no im not, it could be that im at work. Thanks!
So if you don't like it, go to another church. The things that pass for news on Fux News...

From the name C3 I would have thought it's more of a slick marketing campaign to lure people in who don't really like religion. Much like "It's not a religion; it's a relationship", etc. From how it is described it sounds more like a universalist thing, too, but it depends if they still talk mostly about Jesus or not.
Yeah, It's obviously trying to get away from mainstream christian tenets, but from the interview I'd be hard pressed to say exactly what it's supposed to actually 'be.' Something more universalist, pantheist, or a new recipe for woo stew - I have no idea.
You're right - I should have said disingenuous pandering. :)


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