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fubar does come to mind; then again it started coming to mind in the 80's for this old atheist
I just read the article. It's normal for a superstition based Patriarchal institution to be... well superstitious and Patriarchal.

I don't want to make light of this either (comedy is a good defense against horror) I work with individuals with brain trauma and there are some horror stories concerning domestic abuse. <- Same thing in these forums.

You did say "'til death do us part." And God intends for you to mean it. If you were a better wife, he wouldn't need to masturbate or physically assault you. Take your discipline like a good submissive wife. >.X
And when he kills you,you will get your reward in heaven. *rolls eyes*
Sounds like the reasoning they used for slavery. I work my ass off for nothing but torture, but I'll get my mansion in the sky!
Unless you're a Mormon, then you're a slave in the Heavenly Kingdom, too. >.X
I always found the Mormon hierarchy of heavens to be confusing. My sister and I have concluded that it works much the same way as a credit card company. You can not kill everyone in sight, and that's enough to get you your basic card. Then if you're loyal to the company and you contribute enough, you get the gold card. Then, if you pay the company 10% of your earnings, marry a company member, bear his seed, etc... then you get the PLATINUM CARD (i.e. celestial kingdom, the highest). We should all want a platinum card after all, right?
I don't like credit cards. >.> Too many conditions. Is killing someone the only way to avoid ending up with them? D;
Reservations are open for my 15-year old daughter. Orgasms are from the devil. Rape victims deserve it. Sex in Harry Potter and skittles.
Some are funny, some are ridiculous as all get out. <- Same thing in these forums.

Please don't tell me you all take Landover Baptist seriously...
Is it all satire? Cause I am so fucking pissed right now. How can anyone think that, and then have the nerve to call themselves moral???
Poe. Please ignore the next article you read about atheists being more intelligent than believers because it's a big fat lie.




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