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Thank you so much. I hate how true Poe's law is.
Poe at first sight may seem wrong or even annoying, but it is a valuable form of guerrilla psychological warfare, for 2 reasons -

1) It may tip fence-sitting theists over the edge back to the land of reason

2) It may jolt True Believers to finally realise the absurdity of their faith
I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but sometimes I get so angry over these people believing these horrible things, then I find out "Oh, Poe's law." *Facepalm* Wasted energy on my part.
If you go to the TOS of the Landover Baptists and scroll to the bottom, they announce a spoiler. If you scroll your mouse over that spoiler, they admit it's all fiction.
"...and have a few kids" - that's what a catholic priest told my wife before she divorced her abusive ex.




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