Churches - Adult entertainment and novelty centers?

How would folks feel about characterizing churches as adult entertainment centers? The information preached in churches is clearly not suitable for children, it is manipulative and false and children are not fully equipped to discern that information and are more likely to fall prey to it.

Calling them "Adult entertainment and novelty centers" would put churches in the right category IMO. We are not free to blast children with pornography or gambling, so why delusional belief systems? Outside of "tradition" are there any rational arguments against this line of thinking I might not be considering here?

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Ha, in Florida your bound to find a strip club within throwing distance of a church or two...
next to a drug dispensary.


cultures; huge passageways to where you may feel comfortable in SEFlorida.
I can name about 6 to 8 communities/cultures in this neck of the woods of America
Glen! LOL LMFAO!!!
love it!
Glory Hole "apparitions" are genuine ones. No choice but to kneel and worship. :)
That just made my day, Roy. Don't forget... Hallelujah! It's the second coming...
Personally I think kids would be better off with porn than with religion.
I second this. At least then, our little boys would know how to please women and themselves instead of how to spew off religious propaganda. Heh
I like this idea. I might blog about it.
great! Spread the word!
That would be awesome! But how would we stop parents from telling kids the same thing??? Oh! Also, the Church also has to sign up as a non-profit in order to receive donations. That would make me so happy, it would give me a...warm fuzzy feeling inside.
How about moving to have religion reclassed as being like a type of very addictive natural hallucinogenic drug,sometimes even having the most terrible longlasting withdrawl symptoms

That might help in proving it wasnt really good for our childrens consumption.
Sounds good to me, especially for abrahamic religions as they contain loads of sex & violence.




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