Churches boost security as violent incidents grow (100th time, they eat their own) ~?

a minority 
what's good
for the majority"~?

classic U.S. NYC HardCore punk rock all day:

I think about 3 attacks at local churches (domestics at church.. in lots etc. 
in the past year.. yet that's just what makes the tv etc. 
child molestation by faith affiliated ( as in all flavor hindu,xtian jew etc. 
way up. constant vigilance. in s.e. florida where all the exiled from strife come to live and 
dare inject any bigotry from their bigoted homelands nah meen!?!? > : )

yeah you from other states too! respect our secular authority!

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PS_pt 2

goto to hear the best part of that LP. 
cop says (from movie not sure. maybe taxi driver? 
"oh yeah i know
it's a free country and I aint got the right
well i gotta badge
whadaya you got?..."


The movie was West Side Story, guy, addressing the Jets after their war council with the Sharks.  As to the question, "what do you got," my answer would have been: "Rights, granted us by the Constitution."  But the average street punk in 1961 likely wouldn't have known that.

oops wrong crime

here goes possible addition to 'reasons for violent thoughts on part of the sheeple:
they gotta be kidding .. to have under god ' is pathetic (yet profitable) and they luv it hacks

Strange to see this and I just read a post about parents who refused medical care to their daughter because god would cure her.  Cognitive dissonance there.

"Jesus said that there would be troubles but he also said for us not to let our hearts get troubled. Having security protocols allows us to think things through, to be alert and all of that comes out of a place of prayer.”

I really don't think Jesus had security protocols in mind.  He died on the cross.  Martyrdom is honored throughout christian tradition.  These people want to have their cake and eat it too.  Trust god, but carry a handgun.  Their faith has feet of clay and they know, but deny it.




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