Not really a discussion, more of just a summary of a ridiculous happening tonight.

So before we go trick or treating (I have three younger brothers that I go with to help my mom), my mother takes us to Fall Fest at their church. They do games, the kiddies trunk or treat, then they leave. This year, since my stepdad and brother are taking MMA classes, my stepdad dressed as if he'd just come from a fight, with his shorts, his MMA hoodie, and a fake black eye along with some cuts made of makeup and fake blood. Now, I don't like this man (he's extremely rude and sexist and slightly racist), but I still felt bad with how these people acted because that's his peer group, and nobody likes being alone. They saw the fake MINOR cut, with the LITTLE amount of pretend, not real, blood, on his face. These people freaked.

"Oh my god, fake blood!"

It isn't like he dressed as a zombie or a killer, going around terrorizing the children. He was an MMA FIGHTER. They usually have cuts.

So for the rest of the night, he was treated like a delinquint over fake blood used for non-gore purposes. I mean, the children's pastor acted like a douche. And the rest of his "friends" acted as if he'd committed murder in front of them. It was ridiculous. They love drama, though.

If you ever wear fake blood to a church, expect for people to act like you're carrying something highly contagious. It's funny, their reactions to little things.

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Sounds like he might want to change churches.  Around here, we have "cowboy church" with rodeos and fight nights.  Sexism and racism are all good and welcomed if not encouraged.  On second thought, It might be better for your stepdad to be kept in check.




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