Churches offering Sunday $ervices for short attention spans (great comments at URL!)

aha! see!
"Eastern Orthodox churches also have no plans to abbreviate their services, which can top more than two hours each Sunday.

"Services are meant to be spiritual; they're meant to be sensory; that takes time," said James Carras, a member of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Fort Lauderdale. "When I go to church, it takes a while to get into the zone, to let go of business or how the Dolphins are doing. The liturgy helps guide you into that zone."

no lie folks I noticed my first person w/sign waving 'drive thru prayer'

wether u do your jail I mean mass time long or short it's all a waste of precious time; in your one life to live..


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Not many comments but liked a couple. Drive up communion would seem like the next step.

Over the coming years, as church attendance continues to dwindle further, it will be interesting (comical?) to see what desperate acts churches will do to keep cheeks in their pews. 

I have a sneaky suspicion that as small church congregations die out because they can't afford to operate, the tenaciously religious members will be absorbed into larger churches.  I think we'll be seeing the rise of more mega-churches.  I also think more people will be willing to sit at home and watch televised services rather than travel a greater distance to some mega-church.  Television church won't just be for the "shut-ins."

there's still social dysfunction and kids that have no extended families.. say autistic.. flatscreen suckers.. perhaps they'll find non-religions:

but yay.. w/o parks rec.. they'll have mothers that falter
fathers that don't care.. they'll end up drawn' into a place of war'ship... USA's good at that...

LOL Melinda that cracked me up! Economical service!

hehe - you are so funny

drive through blessings and baptisms next !!

Starting to sound like a car wash!

Services via Twitter.  Praz Gzuz!

My Rosary

Product Description
(And this isn't the only app for iPad/iPhone for catholics, either. Way ahead of everyone else, it seems).
Pray the Holy Rosary from your mobile phone or tablet.
This app will help guide you in praying the Rosary or Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Set to the background of Gregorian music, beautiful pictures and bible verses for each Mystery will help you meditate and reflect. All the prayers and scripture verses for each Mystery are shown (including the Luminous).
Easy to use and no prior knowledge of the Rosary is needed, perfect for Catechism students and families wanting to learn the prayers. Catholic bible verses are used for each Mystery. This app will remember where you left off when life interuptions occur, perfect for busy families.

OMG Tony, the only thing missing from that app ad is

" MY POCKET ROSARY FROM RONCO and as a free gift to you today from the Fisher of Men himself, the RONCO POCKET FISHERMAN! Yours free, you pay only S&H!"


haaaa iprayer! neeegaaahhhh please

Church attendance is down so I guess they are having to be more creative.




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