Cincinnati Catholic Schools new contract requirements for teachers

The parochial schools are trying to tie teachers to a new set of contractual obligations which would prevent them from supporting political positions the church dislikes even though they are not themselves Catholic or involved in teaching religion. It is aimed at allowing the schools to fire teachers without encountering legal complications.

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Gad, thought-crime, anyone?  The RCC can learn to lighten up or they'll be lucky to find ANYBODY who wants to work for them!

As John Stuart Mill said, "Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign." Unless, of course, he teaches in a parochial school in Cincinnati.

So the Catholic Church wants to control the sex lives of its employees. Public support for homosexuality is grounds for being fired. This is mind-boggling! So if you "like" a Movie in which the characters have sex outside of marriage, it's grounds to be fired?

They have got to intend selective enforcement of this garbage, otherwise 100% of teachers would have to be fired. What counts as "sexual activity out of wedlock", does kissing in public count? What about posting a pic of you kissing your sweetie? If they get a massive exodus of the best qualified personnel, it's what they deserve.

The new contract specifically rules out any use or advocacy of abortion rights, surrogacy, even in vitro fertilization. The new contract forbids “living together outside marriage,” “sexual activity out of wedlock” and any public endorsement of either.

Already, Catholic officials in Hawaii and in Oakland, Calif., have introduced new teacher contracts that reflect the same concerns or delve into the same specifics.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is blurring that distinction, labeling the new employment agreement a “teacher-minister contract.” The language is deliberate. Religious organizations can claim exemption from anti-discrimination statutes in the hiring and firing of ministers who are actual caretakers of the faith. Putting teachers in that category — lumping them together with clergy — is an end run around laws that govern other employers.

... why religion gets to trump free speech.

Does a Catholic-school teacher relinquish the basic privileges of citizenship? The contract raises the question.

What century is this?

They're cutting off their noses to spite their faces.  Doctrine and dogma have become so important to them that they're willing to sacrifice employees and possibly those with serious experience and history with them because they need to have a monolithic mindset.

They're screwing themselves ... albeit with no pleasure attached to the act.  Madness.

The Catholic Church cannot even control the sex lives of its priests. They ought to direct their attention to that before they attempt a larger effort. They want to claim that all their teachers are in a missionary position representing the church's outreach endeavors. They are only in a missionary position because they are getting screwed.




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