Cindy Jacobs - controlling demonic powers on airplanes.

If you are lucky, some day you will be sitting next to this special lady on a flight to San Francisco.


"This is common sense!" - Actually, it's pretty damn close to word salad.

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Okay ... Who The F*** IS this yo-yo?!?

Hello, my name is Carl, and I'll be your Satanically influenced atheist flight attendant today.  Welcome aboard.  Coffee, tea or babies blood? 

She would be great serving refreshments.  God multiplies them.  A great savings for the airline.

Loren, don't tell me you've never heard of Cindy Jacobs!!  She's a well-known class-A religious nutcase. 

Here's one of her famous ramblings......

Sorry, haven't had the displeasure of knowing her ... biblically or otherwise, nor do I WANT to!

But Loren, what if you are on a demonically possessed airplane?    Wouldn't it comfort you to know she's looking out for you?

ONLY if she has a multi-engine commercial rating and, say, two or three thousand hours of flight time.  Otherwise, she can munch on her peanuts in Coach and keep her yap shut.

To call her a blathering idiot is an insult to the mentally ill.  Bu she's also virtually a comic act - god multiplies her spaghetti, and saves her shoe soles (souls?).    What a strange person!

If you have native American blood, you have to repent of your ancestor's worship of the crocodile spiritual leviathan.  Please!  Repent of your generational iniquity!  And if you are Mexican, Jesus Christ!  You better repent of those Mayan and Aztec ancestors!

I wonder, if anyone is possessed of the ancestral spirit of the dodo bird....?

She's a leader for the ignorant and gullible and she obviously suffers form PTBSD (Post Traumatic Bull Shit Disorder) due to her mind being a battleground against reason.

W-T-F?!! Please tell me this isn't some sort of sick-assed joke. This HAS to be Poe. No one, not even a person who may have survived having their brain removed, can that absolutely, unequivocally, completely and unalterably stupid. I could have a more intelligent and meaningful conversation with a head of cauliflower. 

Now, now, Pat ... don't be casting asparagus! [chuckle!]



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