Cindy Jacobs - controlling demonic powers on airplanes.

If you are lucky, some day you will be sitting next to this special lady on a flight to San Francisco.


"This is common sense!" - Actually, it's pretty damn close to word salad.

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Dennis, your last statement is the scariest part of this whole business!

I like all the comments.  I agree that she's a wakaloon even though I only listened to a small portion of the videos.  I just can't get myself to put-up with listening to that kind of irrationality any more.  Very annoying!

When I was a believer, there were a fair number of Mormons that spouted that kind of absurdity, and it was disturbing even then.

"Now that's a spicy meatball!"

Good point about her selfishness with spaghetti.  Jesus would have shared his pasta with the poor.

I have to alphabetize, otherwise, I repeat myself. OH! I can hear my grandmother now, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything!"

SB. You're correct about Jacobs being delusional,opportunistic, and fraudulent. And, I would add, those are her best qualities.

The demons don't flee because of Jesus.

It's that VOICE...

Carl, great video on Show Business. Thanks!




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