Cindy Jacobs - controlling demonic powers on airplanes.

If you are lucky, some day you will be sitting next to this special lady on a flight to San Francisco.


"This is common sense!" - Actually, it's pretty damn close to word salad.

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Okay ... Who The F*** IS this yo-yo?!?

Hello, my name is Carl, and I'll be your Satanically influenced atheist flight attendant today.  Welcome aboard.  Coffee, tea or babies blood? 

She would be great serving refreshments.  God multiplies them.  A great savings for the airline.

Loren, don't tell me you've never heard of Cindy Jacobs!!  She's a well-known class-A religious nutcase. 

Here's one of her famous ramblings......

Sorry, haven't had the displeasure of knowing her ... biblically or otherwise, nor do I WANT to!

ONLY if she has a multi-engine commercial rating and, say, two or three thousand hours of flight time.  Otherwise, she can munch on her peanuts in Coach and keep her yap shut.

She's a leader for the ignorant and gullible and she obviously suffers form PTBSD (Post Traumatic Bull Shit Disorder) due to her mind being a battleground against reason.

W-T-F?!! Please tell me this isn't some sort of sick-assed joke. This HAS to be Poe. No one, not even a person who may have survived having their brain removed, can that absolutely, unequivocally, completely and unalterably stupid. I could have a more intelligent and meaningful conversation with a head of cauliflower. 

Now, now, Pat ... don't be casting asparagus! [chuckle!]

Oh, my aching ass! I just looked her up. The bitch is real! Sorry for having a moment of doubt. SB. And no, my name's not Thomas ;-)

Geez! I guess I this means I can't ever have "Hotter 'N Hell" hot sauce on my wings, or shrimp diavolo, or even devil's food cake, as they are all infected with demons.  I do like asparagus. However, I wouldn't cast it before this swine.

Well, apparently she's made it onto Right Wing Watch's radar ... one of their screwier blips, for sure.


One of my former coworkers once admired a flower in my yard, called Crocosmia.  Brilliant fire red flowers.  Attracts hummingbirds.  Then I told her the variety name was "Lucifer".  She wouldn't plant it.

I love satanic - named foods.  Deviled eggs.  Yum.

Then again, if she doesn't consider me demonic, I would be surprised.  If some lightning-strike-rare twist of fate ever results in her next to me on an airplane, I'll have to use my ipad to channel some devilish fun.




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