Cindy Jacobs - controlling demonic powers on airplanes.

If you are lucky, some day you will be sitting next to this special lady on a flight to San Francisco.


"This is common sense!" - Actually, it's pretty damn close to word salad.

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Oh, my aching ass! I just looked her up. The bitch is real! Sorry for having a moment of doubt. SB. And no, my name's not Thomas ;-)

Geez! I guess I this means I can't ever have "Hotter 'N Hell" hot sauce on my wings, or shrimp diavolo, or even devil's food cake, as they are all infected with demons.  I do like asparagus. However, I wouldn't cast it before this swine.

Well, apparently she's made it onto Right Wing Watch's radar ... one of their screwier blips, for sure.


One of my former coworkers once admired a flower in my yard, called Crocosmia.  Brilliant fire red flowers.  Attracts hummingbirds.  Then I told her the variety name was "Lucifer".  She wouldn't plant it.

I love satanic - named foods.  Deviled eggs.  Yum.

Then again, if she doesn't consider me demonic, I would be surprised.  If some lightning-strike-rare twist of fate ever results in her next to me on an airplane, I'll have to use my ipad to channel some devilish fun.

Perhaps the reason why theists are so ignorant and dismissive of what's actually in the bible is because the devil is in the details. 

Carl, To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if Cindy and husband are complete frauds.  How much money are they raking in from the gullible and clueless?  It is possible that both of them, and their co-conspirators, are all duped into their miraculous faith?

SB - I, too, like deviled eggs, and the foods I mentioned above. If I were on a plane, it would probably be reminiscent of a quote erroneously attributable to Winston Churchill, who was sitting next to a very disagreeable woman who told him, "Sir, if you were my husband, I'd poison your tea," To which Churchill responded, "And if you were my wife, I'd drink it."

Mmmmmm, deviled eggs!  YUM!

The bitch!!

That's what has been happening to all those demonic souls i have been carefully cultivating. They kept disappearing every time i took a long haul flight.


In ancient Mesopotamia, the ancient Sumerians -- and then the cultures that immediately followed them, the Babylonians and Assyrians -- believed that what we now understand as mental illnesses, such as depression, to have been caused by demons. This was the cultural and religious milieu that later influenced the Judeo (and then Christian) worlds. I guess that aspects of this sort of ignorance has hung around for about 5,000+ years now.
Somewhere I read that Ms Jacobs lives in Texas. Is that near Ancient Mesopotamia?

That's a great screen name!

I feel it coming, it is about to erupt, here it is: Cindy Jacobs is an asinine, confused, contradictory, deceptive, deluded, disjointed, egregious, fallacious, false, fatuous, humorous, idiotic, illogical, implausible, inadequate, inchoate, incipient, incorrect, invalid, irrational, irrelevant, meaningless, misleading, mistaken, muddied, nutty, outrageous, phony, preposterous, ridiculous, rudimentary, silly, specious, unbelievable, unconvincing, unintelligible, unreasonable, unscientific, unsound and an unscrupulous woman. 

I'll chose your plane, Carl. 



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