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There is someone here whose brain-case is empty.  I mean, there's NOTHING THERE!

[groan] I KNEW I was going to be sorry if I pressed Play and actually LISTENED to that dimwitted dolt blather on!  Hell, you risk IQ points that way!

Jesus H Christ.

Just curious, what does the H stand for, Henry?


I love Mark Twain's story about this from his autobiography..a fellow typesetter apprentice abbreviated j.c. To avoid having to reset a whole page and a priest got upset with him for not giving the name enough weight, so he reset the page as Jesus H Christ to make it a bit fancier.

Really it likely dates to the monogram for Jesus Christ that looks like there is an h in it.

Harvard.  Ol' Jebus is a graduate.  Didn't you know?

Thanks for clarifying.  I thought it stood for "Holy".

It won't be long before she is healing amputees.  Someone of such faith, she will show us the way.

A grapefruit sized tumor behind her womanly parts!  My goodness!  If she can cure that, she needs to be hired into Obama's health plan!  She could save the country, billions in surgery and chemotherapy!

This is an easy one, all you have to do is ask her what hospital she's working for and wait for the excuses.

Yes, I was a little apprehensive to click the 'play' button as well, but my dark side got the better of me.  It's kind of like that sick fascination of knowing  you are about to watch a car wreck. 

Car wrecks are positively enlightening compared with THIS wench!

And she can heal you after it don't forget.


She has a gazillion vids on YouTube.  She must be something of a social media phenom.




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