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This "healer" needs to go to Syria and cure all those effected by nerve gas - oh wait...they're Muslims, Jebus doesn't cure them.

Ms.Jacobs should cure her own delusional state - what a brain stem.

Oh - her 6 year old son saved President Reagan from his assassination attempt, via prayer!



I wonder if she had a saving hand in the foiled assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II.  I wouldn't be at all surprised.  Oh, wait.......maybe not.  He was Catholic. 

I wonder if she prayed to have that thing removed from her right cheek....  Oh, and she notes that one of the things that will save christians is tithing... I guess we know to who the tithes should go.
It's like watching a train wreck, no matter how hard I try I can't stop. Maybe I should pray to be healed of Cindy Jacobs!

Tithing.  That's a slush fund kept for the minister's paid vacation.

Reminds me of the only memorable scene in Roman Polansky's film, The Vampire Hunters.  A Jewish inn-keeper is secretly a vampire.  When he is going after a hapless victim, the latter holds up his hands in the shape of a cross.  Grinning demonically, the inn-keeper says, "Wrong religion."

I had the same impulse as several of you, I hesitated before hitting the play button and one sentence spoken, I hunted frantically for the off one.
With a voice like hers, and her attitude, I wonder how anyone could listen to what she has to say. A cartoon character, on the dark side, of the first order.

Cindy Jacobs reminds me of Tim Minchin's song "Thank You God",

Maybe we can get Tim to dedicate a similar number to Cindy.


Might email him that clip of Cindy, just to see if he is interested anyway.

More wackiness.  Different person.  Same result.  I'm left speachless.   

What did he do with all that gold? Who else saw the gold? Is there anyone alive who can testify to seeing it? and/or collecting it? How much value did all that gold and diamonds have? Whose bank account did it go into? and how was it dispersed?

Moderate christians, where are you in all this? Do you believe the words of this man ... or of this woman, for that matter? Can you stand before me and say that we atheists should give any credence to these claims?

Frankly, I feel disgust when I watch these two people ... and several others who make claims that they cannot validate. Delusions? Lies? Distortions? Exaggeratons? Hallucinations? Hyperbole? Metaphor?

No! just loony enough to earn a Loony Certificate


Joan, I wonder if people don't decry idiot-children like this guy (never mind the biggies like Robertson and Hagee and the rest of them) because they are afraid that, in doing so, that they also damage the faith without which their belief system would fall apart.  So they think, "Well, maybe it DID happen and we just missed it," or, "Oh, he BELIEVES it happened, and therefore it's okay."  They resist using reason or logic because they fear as Martin Luther did: that it will be the undoing of the whole ball of wax.

And of course, they're right, it would, eventually.  And these people have no idea how they would manage without their faith ... which is sorta like wondering how you'd do if you weren't carrying an imaginary millstone around your neck.

Fear underlies it all.




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