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True ... didn't it always?

Religion is kind of like bad marriage: it defines on, sets one's roles, imposes restrictions and limits imagination, it tells one he/she is not a whole person without the other, it convinces one he or she has no worth without the other. It requires one to submit, obey, crucify oneself regardless of the personal costs, it fosters dependence.

That is the pessimist in me writing; now for the optimist. A healthy relationship brings forth morals and ethics from within, an internal compass points the direction for living, living in a healthy relationships opens one up to trust without dependence, it doesn't rely on counter-dependence or aggression but builds inter-dependence. Conflict can be valued as a way of broadening ones perception and to embrace diversity without being hurt or engulfed by it.

In a healthy relationship (like my current marriage), it's not about completing the other person and being completed; it's about bringing who you are to that other person, something different and novel, yet compatible and complementary, so that both people can become MORE.

Or at least that's how I see it.

Loren, you state it so well! A healthy relationship takes thought and effort, and it looks so easy when it is done well. Lots of communication skills and patience. Good for you!

Joan, my ex-wife, whom I loved far more after divorce than before, had been married before she married me, and one night long after the divorce she phoned to say she was getting married again.  When I pointed out the potential for becoming a "three time loser," she said, "I guess I just don't feel complete without a man."  I felt sorry for her. Why a person would feel that way is beyond me.  I may be insane for living alone for 30 years, but not once did it occur to me to find another partner.

James, that is how I felt too. Unless one can learn to stand alone, being in partnership looks more like a crutch to me. 

Working with battered women for all those years, I should have counted how many times I heard, "I guess I just don't feel complete without a man." 

Ms. Jacobs is reported as associated with the "New Apostolic Reformation", which is also reported as influencing such shining stars as "Rick Perry...Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Sam Brownback."  

Oh Jeez!

"Wagner notes that those who affiliate themselves with the movement believe the  Apostles’ Creed and all the orthodoxy of Christian doctrine and therefore is not heretical. He goes on to list the differences between the NAR and traditional Protestantism.[1]

  • Apostolic governance - The Apostle Paul's assertion that Jesus appoints apostles within his church continues to this day.
  • The office of the prophet - There is within the church a role and function for present-day prophets.
  • Dominionism - "When Jesus came, He brought the kingdom of God and He expects His kingdom-minded people to take whatever action is needed to push back the long-standing kingdom of Satan and bring the peace and prosperity of His kingdom here on earth."[2]
  • Theocracy - Not to be confused with theocratic government but rather the goal to have "kingdom-minded people" in all areas of society. There are seven areas identified specifically: religion, family, education, government, media, arts & entertainment, and business.[1]
  • Extra-biblical revelation - There is available to all believers the ability to hear from God. "The one major rule governing any new revelation from God is that it cannot contradict what has already been written in the Bible. It may supplement it, however.
  • Supernatural signs and wonders - Signs and wonders such as healing, demonic deliverance and confirmed prophecies accompany the move of God.
  • Relational structures - church governance has no formal structure but rather relational and voluntary alignment to apostles.[4]"

I can just see and hear now, all those people who think they are better, smarter, stronger, more faithful than the rest of human-kind and will hang their egos on these kinds of notions. That last line, "relational and voluntary alignment to apostles" implies "Passive Gospel". All the people bow down to their hallucinations.

The puny, little-minded, simpletons who have no other way to feel good about themselves will blow this horn! 

If the Muslims and Christians join forces, Earth is cooked. 

I wrote a blog about Brownback ages back.  Isn't he now governor of some state?  How did the job of governor become an almost exclusively Republican prerogative?  When did that happen.  Of course we have the worst of the lot in Texas, but he is facing a Dem challenger in the next election, or his successor is, and all of those bozos in Austin who are vying for the top job are right wingnut Repubs.  Wendy Davis is the alternative, and she's just had a HUGE boost because a federal judge has ruled Perry's abortion limitations unconstitutional.  I tweeted: "Will back alley abortionists with coat hangers have admission privileges 30 miles or less away?"  Go Wendy!




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