I think one of the things that we far too often overlook in this country is that fact that genital mutilation of newborn boys is common practice, if not standard. Why isn't there more of a cry against this? Do the benefits of circumcision (if any, and I don't see any valid argument that there are any) outweigh the cost and mutilation of a boy?

Of course circumcision isn't the only genital mutilation in the world, but it's the only type in practice in the United States. Female genital mutilation is just as barbaric, if not more so. Americans, and Europeans in general, ban female genital mutilation of babies, but why the hypocrisy in not doing the same for males?

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I owe apology. I was being confrontational. I can be that way, I work against it somedays.

Forgive me and the force be with you.
No prob. We are all learning here.
There's neither a reason nor any reasoning for circumcision. I've heard a fellow atheist assert that parents fundamentally have the right--because they're the parents--to do whatever they want to their kid, because apparently being able to have sex and yield an infant is magic.

If the removal of the body parts of other people were to be discussed for any set of people and body parts other than children/infants and genitals, we would straightforwardly reject it: "No, you have no grounds upon which to have your fellow adults' bodies altered." "No, you may not have any of the toes of your baby removed." Apparently, genitals and babies are magic.

As for what someone wants for their own body, I'm fine with voluntary, elective circumcisions. I couldn't possibly have a problem with that.
Circumcision started being done routinely in the USA to stop boys from wanting to masturbate. It was encouraged by Kellogg (of Corn Flake fame), who also encouraged using acid on the female clitoris for the same reason. When the US medical industry realised they could make good money this way, but public opinion was starting to turn, they changed the story and said it was for 'health reasons'. Watch the Penn and Teller: Bullshit! episode on circumcision. It's horrific what they do to these poor kids, without consent. The kids are strapped down, and go into a catatonic state of fear and pain. I couldn't watch it, it's horrible.
I doubt it's stopped any guys from masturbating, although it makes it a little convenient. As if that would stop them!

In my experience a male from birth can acheive an erection. If you think from birth on, even by some instinct, he doesn't fondle the appendage and wait for the ephipany of the loins, you must be so informed.

I know my sister masturbated and I did not know it. She used by rub her legs together.
Kids make up words and I didn't knw what she was doing, so I said, Diane, stop " Oozing"
Oh, well, we're born sexual. Ltlle boys and little girls will explore their own bodies and then go, a step beyond..
The movie version of the Kellogg sexual weirdness is "The Road To Wellville". I think it's one of the 10 funniest movies of all time. Then again I have a strange sense of humor.

THE ROAD TO WELLVILLE: Movie Trailer - Watch more top selected videos about: THE_ROAD_TO_WELLVILLE, Anthony_Hopkins, Bridget_Fonda, Dana_Carvey, John_Cusack, Matthew_Broderick, Alan_Parker
There's also an hour-long student drama about Kellogg from the excellent theatre department of SUNY-Purchase. Download the file here:
Kellogg was beyond a loon. He bragged in his memoir that he had no sex on his honeymoon. Many doctors back then thought all sexual acts drained you of life-force.
Definitely a funny film.
Blame it on the Jews.
Although some would like to, how could you explain Europe remaining normal and not routinely circumcising. In the world today, the biggest tghreat to a child's foreskin is Islam.

It insists upon circumcision and all men who would approach Mecca on a pilgrimage, must first be circumcised.




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