I agree I think that circumcision is a mutilation.


I know it's hard for people to hear - especially men who have been circumcised or parents who have circumcised their child.


I was responding to Michah's post:


Comment by Micah Oliver 13 hours ago I recommend Joe and Richard watch this person's videos on circumcision after listening to episode #28. Of special interest as they relate to the episode is the video(s) comparing female and male circumcision. They are all excellent videos, and I happen to like his approach.


Male circumcision also effects female sexual pleasure. Removing the male foreskin reduces female pleasure when having sex with circumcised male vs an uncircumcised male. It is more pleasurable for a female, to have sex with a male who has a foreskin. It is more easy to climax. External clitoral stimulation is more necessary for a women to climax when having sex with a circumcised male.

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Alice, there have already been numerous extremely long discussions on this subject already, yes circumcision is mutilation, or if you prefer, harsh rape... done with the express consent of the medical establishment, individual doctor, and the parents who pay to permanently scar their defenseless child physically and mentally. I happen to be a male who was raped by a sadist clerical (delusionality implied) prostitute (my parents payed for his services) rabbi when I was 8 days old, part of my penis was cut off... the amount of (just) physical pain I have suffered since my rape as a child is, alone, enough for me to hate my parents, the rabbi, all who advocate 'circumcision,' and the law of the land for not protecting me. I have talked about the pain and inconvenience I suffer from, but circumcision is actually a double 'wammy' because I also lose X amount of potential pleasure over my life time... This has also affected my desire for intimacy in incalculable ways. Just recently have I finally made truce with my past, and I have decided to move on as best as I can, but somethings can never be forgiven or even smoothed over with reparations.
It's interesting to hear everyone's views on this subject.  It seems as though you have had a particularly damaging experience with circumcision.  It's one of those things that it difficult to measure, because we can't know or quantify how much we have lost or gained.  Although I'm sure there are other ways of measuring this through studies that involved taking large surveys.

I really can't believe it is 2011, and this is still going on.  Sad.  If I had to look at my genitals and think that they had been altered when I was a child because of some religious nonsense, I would be furious.  What a nonsensical betrayal based on a book full of made up hooey.


And WF Sophia is correct, there have been other discussions about this, but who doesn't want to keep the rant going when it is about such a tragic subject?


I recall one of my cousins who recently had a baby with her gf by invitro fertilization.  When it was time to make the decision, her brother and father told her it was of the utmost importance to circumcise the child.  Their main argument was that the uncircumcised look makes a boy "stand out."  They are idiots.

When my son was born more than 30 years ago, i chose not to have him circumcised, even though it was then the norm in Australia to carry out the procedure within a few days of birth, before discharging mother and child home (I don't know if they still do this as I no longer live in Australia).

The reason boys were circumcised wasn't for religious reasons but because people believed it was more hygienic - something to do with a hot climate maybe? Anyway, because of my decision not to have him circumcised, my son did feel as a schoolboy that he "stood out" as all his peers had mutilated dicks. He wasn't happy about it and was pretty pissed off with me, so I wondered if I'd done the right thing. Now he's grown up, though, he tells me he's glad that he's still intact.

I've had 3 boys here in Australia and wasn't ever asked if I wanted them circumcised. They all have their bits and pieces in tact and I'm glad of it. I think they would be shocked if I suggested that they should have it done - they are 9 years old, 4 years old and 2 years old.

I've always wondered... how the hell do people, especially other guys know what your dick looks like >> I mean are sausage fests mandatory...


Even in change rooms I always went into the private stalls to change, just like it feels weird to use a urinal in public bathroom...


I mean the only people I wouldn't mind being bare naked around would be close friends, or lovers. But in the end it's a cultural thing.

I've seen some weird behavior in that area.  Most guys I know are pretty private about their genitalia, but there are some always trying to check out other guys (closet gays, perhaps?) and show off, themselves.  The bassist in my first band was like that.  "Put it away, Steve!  We don't want to see your foreskin!"

Judging from what some of his girlfriends said, though, it may have been compensation behavior, similar to perverts exposing themselves to little girls, for the shrieks and other reactions ... which they seem to interpret as confirmation of their masculinity, for some reason I've never been able to fathom.

I don't think that those conclusions would follow - I can hear that it concerns you - but just because a guy is curious about comparing himself to other guys doesn't mean that he's gay or a paedophile. It would be rough to accuse someone of such for such a small 'crime'.

Which is why I included the question mark in the parenthetical statement.


I never said that perverts who expose themselves to little girls are pedophiles.  I said they're perverts.

It has nothing to do with focusing on the girls they're exposing themselves to.  It's a very self-centered action.  They pick young girls because they're the ones who will scream and react the most, giving the pervert his desired acknowledgement.


And I wouldn't say it concerns me, as much as it amuses me.  Steve had so many issues.  His undesired exhibitionist streak was one of his lesser offenses.

Accusing someone of being gay is rough?
Actually it is, those who so freely accuse others of being gay are also willing to beat the shit out of them.  (No Joseph, I am not saying you did this.)

I don't know about this.  I accuse others of being gay quite frequently, and I am not willing to beat the shit out of them.  I usually want to give them a high five.




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