I agree I think that circumcision is a mutilation.


I know it's hard for people to hear - especially men who have been circumcised or parents who have circumcised their child.


I was responding to Michah's post:


Comment by Micah Oliver 13 hours ago I recommend Joe and Richard watch this person's videos on circumcision after listening to episode #28. Of special interest as they relate to the episode is the video(s) comparing female and male circumcision. They are all excellent videos, and I happen to like his approach.


Male circumcision also effects female sexual pleasure. Removing the male foreskin reduces female pleasure when having sex with circumcised male vs an uncircumcised male. It is more pleasurable for a female, to have sex with a male who has a foreskin. It is more easy to climax. External clitoral stimulation is more necessary for a women to climax when having sex with a circumcised male.

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People who do what?  Run around calling everyone they don't like a fag?

Or people who look at someone's behavior and try to figure out what may be a contributing factor?

I do the latter.

In terms of causal links - who knows, we have so many causal links - perhaps the guy just liked to compare himself with others?  It could be as simple as that - you might think that's perverted - you're interested in psychology - he's interested in penis'. :)

- you're interested in psychology - he's interested in penis'. :)


Heh, yes, which moves him a little more to the gay side, on the gay-straight sliding scale.  My point exactly.  :-P

I don't see that is a natural consequence - men and women can be interested in penis' and not be gay and men and women can be disinterested in penis' and be gay - so I don't see how being more interested in penis' would make you more gay - unless you showed me some states to the contrary. Personally I think it could be equally a straight or gay man that has an interest in penis' - especially his own.
You're talking about the definition of the word gay.  Stats don't matter for that kind of thing.  I'm male, so I have more of a right to specify what makes for a straight or gay male.  I win.  :-P
LOL - sorry that came out wrong - I wasn't implying that being gay is rough - but being thought gay when you're not might be unsettling for a straight person?  Anyway I was thinking about accusing someone of being a paedophile - but like the guy said - I misread that bit anyway and he wasn't implying that at all - but was saying he was a pervert.
Is it unsettling?  I can't imagine why.  I am assumed to be straight quite frequentlly, and it doesn't bother me.
I guess because you never know who will try to harm you for "being gay"  I guess it would be unsettling.  That or it will cause actual gay people to hit on you.

As long as I don't get rejected by women because they think I'm gay, I don't care what anyone thinks about my sexuality.


I already have plenty of gay guys hitting on me, so no worries there.

Joseph dont worry about it.  You may find that women consider it a challenge, wanting to 'convert you'.  I still get that at times and Im not even good looking.  It's wierd.
Heh, reminds me of the Bloodhound Gang song ... something to the effect of "I wish I was gay, so that I could get chicks."
I know quite a few men who are unsettled by the idea that someone thinks they are gay.  It's not something that has bothered me at all.  I suppose it could cause a problem with finding a partner if you were giving out the 'wrong' message - as you would attract the wrong sex - which might be frustrating.


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