Facebook and Google Turned Into Government Spies? The Dangerous New...

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to pass a reprehensible cyber-security bill this week that seeks to protect online companies—giant social media firms to data-sharing networks controlling utilities—from cyber attack. It is reprehensible because, as Democratic San Jose Rep. Zoe Lofgren said this week, it gives the federal government too much access to the private lives of every Internet user. Or as Libertarian Rep. Ron Paul also bluntly put it, it turns Facebook and Google into “government spies.”

CISPA’s fine print ... essentially fights cyber threats by deputizing the tech sector to police the net and share everything— online activities, history, searches, transactions, mail—with various federal agencies, including possibly national security agencies. Internet firms would not be required to tell clients when their information was given to the government.

Doesn't this create tech sector/national security agency complex?

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More Internet spying. Terrible. You really have to watch what you put online now. We appear to be losing even more freedoms.

And we will continue to lose more. If you want a good example of how totalitarian dictators get started, read the complete ascension of power of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini (Although he was more of a showman than a leader) and others. Then look at Obama's first term and the laws that were passed. It is now illegal to petition any government entity when Secret Service is present. That's a violation of the 1st amendment. Hilary and the other bozos are working on more deductions from the original constitution as we speak. People don't see it, but they will take away your rights right under your nose and BAM! There is going to be a drastic shift of power in the next decade, and the US won't be the superpower it was. I'm all for the Constitution, but this big government they're creating; not so much. The worst part is they're screwing over MY people, the military.

Based on everything I'm reading about it lately, CISPA will get VETOED if it makes it to Obama's desk ... and insofar as I'm concerned, GOOD.

There's also the matter of the fact that Congress has about as much chance of overriding the President's veto as a snowball in hell.  Very likely, CISPA is a dead duck.

Well, it's now passed the House.

Bad news for us and our freedoms.

Eventually law makers will pass a law that the techies will simply refuse to enforce. When SOPA was the big news my husband stated bluntly that if that law passed he would not help the government enact it. Fire him, put him in jail, but he refused to break the entire Internet because a record company wanted to squeeze a few more bucks out of consumers.

And lastly: encrypt the world. 




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