City of Warren Mayor Jim Fouts compares Atheists to Nazis & KKK (both had/have Christian leadership)

I find this rather Comical that a city mayor has absolutely no idea of what separation of church and state as specified in the US first amendment actually means.

This clown appears to be too dumb to realize how dumb he is.

Using his public office to distribute religious material, as he is currently practising, is a direct and blatant breaking of the first amendment of the US constitution.

This clown should be removed from office.


Fouts is also too dumb to realize that the KKK is a Christian organization and that the German Nazis were originally backed by the Roman Catholic Church and it's original leadership comprised devout Catholics, such as Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, etc.. ad nauseum.

Such blatant stupidity from a city official is hilarious!

Though another amusing aspect is that Fouts lost a court battle to stop an atheist "Reason" station from being set up near his beloved "Prayer" station. His protest is to distribute "In god We Trust" flyers from his office.

Though as we all know, praying to a god has been proven as no more beneficial to mankind than praying to a jug of milk with equal faith.

As faith always accepts yes, no and wait responses, which cannot ever fail to show results, thus deepening faith, when in fact it is just an illusion of circumstances and that person's confirmation bias, making events appear to support their faith based bias.

Again, people in leadership, should have to pass rationality tests, as Jim Fouts hasn't a rational neuron in his brain.

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Nobody thinks. The mayor makes bad statements because his information comes from his own little closed end group. Christians want to change everything and they have no fact checking system outside of themselves. This is why there are denominations of Christianity. it means everyone using that name is not in unity on anything. They make it up as they go along.

I have a theist friend that drives my mind close to insanity, but I put up with him because I've known him since we were both 12. I was talking to him recently on a legal matter and his reply was "do you believe everything you read on the Internet?" I know he was wanting to turn this into a religious conversation because fundamentalists are taught that there is no truth on the Internet - unless it is by and about their own religious authors. The reasoning here is obvious because the Internet is killing their god.

Do you believe everything you read on the Internet? The question is like asking "do you read and believe every book that you find in the library?" How dumb! Leave it to the magical Christian.

I have friends and clients like that as well.

One insists that he saw Jesus's heart fall onto the floor and smash into a thousand pieces.

He is a member of the weird Garabandal sect and believes in the visions of Mary and the messages she gave.  

Yet, I tolerate him, as I understand he has aspergers and such visions may be a symptom of his condition, thus, no matter how much bs he expects me to swallow, I just basically grin and nod.

It's weird though, he has taught me a lot about how to be tolerant and about aspergers.

Hanging with normal people sometimes blinds us to some aspects of reality and people's differences.

He and my late mother's aphasia (caused by brain tumours) were a large part of the reason I've taken a strong interest in learning neurology and psychology.




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