class-based not race-based affirmative action in college admissions

Explicit racial preferences in college admissions will be less used after the recent US Supreme Court decision in Fisher vs. University of Texas.  Since almost all private colleges get federal funding, this ruling will apply to them as well. 

Instead, the colleges are likely to achieve racial diversity by favoring students from less privileged backgrounds. 

This seems like a very good thing.  Racial preferences haven't worked as planned - the hispanic and black students who go to good colleges are mostly NOT disadvantaged inner-city people.  To satisfy quotas for black people, colleges have admitted many upper-class blacks from Africa. 

Also, there's been a high dropout rate for blacks and hispanics admitted to selective colleges under race-based affirmative action.  Since they come from privileged backgrounds, they may be less capable than the students of non-favored races such as Asians. 

SAT scores are much more influenced by class than they are by race.  Unless you buy the Bell Curve argument that IQ now determines how much money people end up making (I'm very skeptical of that) - this means that coming from poverty makes it hard for even an intelligent, capable person to succeed academically. 

And, race-based affirmative action creates racial resentment among poor whites, who ask why a black student would get favored over them, even if they're rich. 

Voters or the courts have eliminated race-based affirmative action at state-funded universities in several states, because people think it's unfair.  Instead, some of the state-funded schools have opted for affirmative action favoring students from poorer backgrounds, for example by guaranteeing admission to a student in the top 10% of their class.  This increases black and hispanic enrollment, sometimes more than race-based admissions did. 

Also, some of the universities have stopped doing "legacy admissions" - admitting students because their parents went to the university and donated money to it.  Legacy admissions are a way of perpetuating economic and status inequality in America. 

However, universities may take a sink or swim attitude towards these students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and this is unfair.  The universities should have a good summer school to prepare these students before they start competing with the other students. 

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