'This is not a time to be passive and allow this calamity to happen to us,' says one psychologist.....


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Hey, Patricia!

Your link got cut off and doesn't work.  This link should work.

The sad and blunt end of the stick is that a fair portion of those who deny climate change do so because it means that They Have To Change THEIR Behavior ... and they don't want to.  I've already commented on this, but the fact remains, climate change might as well be established fact within the scientific community.  The obvious problem is the concerted effort outside of that community to attempt to discredit science and obfuscate the issue.  Dealing with them will be as difficult as undoing the damage we've done to date, I'm afraid.

Thanks, Loren. 

Yeah, they want change until it means actively changing, then nooooooo, mustn't do that!

And I think we all know that moment when we've realized that change is necessary; ignore and do something pleasant, or be honest and change...

Right where it hurts.

"It is okay to change if everybody else than me does that..."

I got page not found. error 404

Thanks for the working link. To me the most important point is

"If you overwhelm people, there's some evidence that they can end up in some fatalistic mindset and feel unempowered," Mildenberger said.

"The trick is to communicate the seriousness of the climate threat … with a sense of empowering people to take action."

A sense of empowerment is something that Ranney cites as well when it comes to acceptance of climate change.

Craig, your link to news dot stanford dot edu worked well.

Further, on that Stanford page, the links at the top and bottom to “Stanford News” worked well.


Climate change is a hoax?

I suppose many people don't think,' or study. -

Even worse 

Many may  encourage it to bring forth armegodenon and the rapture.

Watch your local weather new broadcasters.  Idiots - It may rain.  Broadcats news 'weather reports' don't talk about the Ozone, Acid rain, or any other geological, other global events. - Unless ther's been a local earthquake.

I was gong to post 'fun naked' weather'. but thought better.   Perhaps if naked weather broadcasters talked about Ozone, Acid rain, and other geological and  global events. where on air consumers would pay more attention than they do do their 'sports' team.

More than likely not.

Go whatever is happening with TV, or apparently most important what's happening with the Royal families BABIES.



Climate change is a major issue facing the world today, but some people believe that climate change is a hoax. This term refers to the changes in temperatures and climates experienced by people living in countries all around the world. Even some famous people believe that this is an example of fake science, and others believe that it exists but not to the degree that some say. Those who deny it exists have a few key reasons for their belief.

Their Own Experiences

One reason why some deny that climate change exists is because of their own personal experiences. Those who live in the American Midwest might point out that they still have snow and ice in the winter. As the weathers they witnessed stay the same, they assume that climate change can’t exist because it would otherwise change their experiences. Those who believe in climate change point out that the seasons did change in recent years. Those living in the American Midwest may notice that winters are a little milder and that summer starts earlier and feels hotter and more humid.

No Real Proof or Evidence

According to an article by the Huffington Post, President Donald Trump told the American public that he did not believe in climate change because he didn’t see any real evidence. That is a comment made by millions of other people since the 2016 election and since the American President pulled out of the Paris Accords, a pact signed by several countries to change their environmental practices. Though there is evidence out there, those who deny climate change exists refuse to look at that evidence. There are claims that any evidence that proves it exists is a type of fake science done by those who want to change public opinions.

Distrust of Science

A small number of people in the world today do not believe that climate change exists, because they do not believe in science. These people include those in fringe religious groups and sects that believe God made everyone and everything on the planet. Many of those who deny climate change exists also deny evolution and refuse to rely on some of the scientific breakthroughs that occurred in the recent past. These people represent just a small percentage of climate change deniers though.

No Known Cause

Some people claim that climate change is a hoax, because scientists cannot come to a mutual agreement on whether it exists or what causes it. While there is some evidence that climate change occurred because of human intervention such as pollution, there are other studies that dispute this claim. Deniers also claim that global warming no longer exists and that the average world temperature remained consistent for several decades. There are even claims that teachers should no longer talk about global warming in schools. Until scientists can actually find a cause for climate change and prove that it exists, many people will continue to deny that it exists.

Climate change is an important topic that people around the world cannot stop discussing. There are those who believe people should take steps to keep it from happening, but there are those who deny the idea exists. Those who think climate change is a hoax often point out the lack of evidence and proof that it even exists.

Perhaps part of the attraction for many people of sports or celebrity news is precisely that it doesn't matter in the way that "real news" does; it's something one can learn a lot about and be invested in, without the anxieties and challenges of news that affects your real life.

I was looking at stripping for weather.

I should have posted a link, but thought better.

Perhaps that would get attention  about climate change.




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