'This is not a time to be passive and allow this calamity to happen to us,' says one psychologist.....


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The blunt end of the stick is that the ONLY place where climate change has any degree of controversy is OUTSIDE OF THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY ... where people prefer to deal in anecdotal information or hearsay and can't be bothered to do their own research because that actually demands something of them and, as I stated earlier, might require them to change their behavior.

There are also those who think they're going to lose their shirts if they acknowledge that climate change is a reality, again because it might require them to change themselves or their work and livelihood. Such people fall under the following heading:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.
-- Upton Sinclair

deniers are just like a religion, entrenched by constant misinformation. they got there by not using reason,

reason won't change their minds.

Mental health & Psychology must modernize to combat this trend.

We are not trained to deprogram

They don't need ''reason'', they need to look outside & pay attention.

Fortuntely  U.S. State Senator Jim Inhofe  is retiring  in 2020.

Orin Hatch fortunately is retiring as well. 

I think the where the main problem lays has to do with the maslow's hierarchy of needs. There are still way too many people in the world stuck in the lower levels of the pyramid. Too many people concerned with immediate physiological and basic safety needs. Such people do not care about the climate. If they have voting rights they will not vote for environmentalists but for those (usually conservative deniers) that will appeal (with whatever lies they can come up with, they usually have no remorse) to their needs of having the immediate survival benefits provided.

The key word here is 'immediate'. One has to ascend to higher levels of the pyramid to start planning further ahead. Until you get to that point you just don't have 'climate warming' that can cause problems in the future on your 'concern radar'.

In other words if you struggle to feed your family you will give power to those that will throw you whatever scrap for you to be able to survive and you will not care about anything else. Only when you start getting wealthier you can manage to find time to keep yourself informed about the world. I know this because I have went through this way - I used to be poor and did not care about much more than being able to survive the month on my crappy salary, nor did my friends that were in a similar situation. It is way different now but it's only because I have the lower levels of the pyramid secured easily.

There is just way too few of us on the higher levels of the pyramid. That is why we struggle.

The key to climate change fight is getting people out of poverty, ensuring levelled living conditions and providing good quality, cheap education. We do that and all of the world's problems go away. Simple! :D

Have you ever been poor? In general you're right, apart from one point; people at the low levels of the pyramid care about climate and about a lot of other things too. They're not brainless and bereft of feeling, but they have priorities that need attention first.

The changes needed to even begin to meet the challenges of climate change, whether global warming or cooling, goes so far beyond our imagination, some people simply can't make the leap. For those who can think in terms of needed changes realize Mother Nature presents a formidable foe. Those who can recognize the short period of time we have to prepare also realize very few will survive. Just look at human history during periods of climate change. Egyptian history of a land of humid jungles turned to wind-blown sand required mass migrations. 

~ Demenocal, P. B. (1995). "Plio-Pleistocene African Climate" (PDF). Science. 270 (5233): 53–9.

Or the effects of climate change on the living conditions of food, water, and temperature that dove mass movements of populations that began the agricultural from the foraging lifestyles. For example, the migrations of northern Peru and central Chile, or in Greenland, or the Eurasian tribes in China all display migration due to climate change.

HENRY, DONALD O. (1989). From Foraging to Agriculture: The Levant at the End of the Ice Age. 

Or climate change is associated with the historical collapse of civilizations, including the Anasazi, Mayan, the Hittites, ancient Egypt, and Greenland.

Or the climate changes in the Medieval warm period or the Little Ice Age in Europe. 

Imagine, if you will, the stresses associated with each of these climate changes, the challenges the people faced, or the fight for life required of such events. Of the coming events, many will die, some will survive. What are the skills required to survive?


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