A few Siberians wanted us to notice that December has been less snowy and warmer than usual.

It's not Climate Change but Climate Changed.

No snow in Siberia? Locals marvel - and worry - at the 'snow shortage'

... December images taken in recent days in two Siberian cities Krasnoyarsk and Barnaul showing scenes that locals insist are unprecedented in living memory. The startling pictures from Krasnoyarsk show an almost total absence of snow ...

The iceflow on the mighty Ob resembles the spring snow melt. This December scene is out of sync with the natural cycle. By this time of year, many Siberians expect to be fishing through thick ice on their rivers, and driving their vehicles over these sturdy 'winter roads'.

In Tomsk, a hardy group of residents pose almost naked to highlight the unseasonably warm weather. You will notice the ice around them, but their city this week has enjoyed day time temperatures above zero, in a month when the mean is expected to be minus 15C.

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A dramatic way to highlight that we can no longer consider our planet's situation "business as usual"!

Siberia Is Already Experiencing Mid-Summer Temperatures And Major W...

Western Siberia has Summer-like weather and the forest fire season has started a month and a half early.

According to the Siberian Times, Natural Resources Minister Sergei Donskoi has warned that this year’s fire season could be one for the record books.

“The forest fire situation is tense in Russia this year,” Donskoi said at a conference chaired by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “Due to a shortage of precipitation the forest fire season has begun almost one and a half months ahead of the norm.”

Seventeen forest fires have already been reported across 2,000 hectares (for some perspective, that’s about 5,000 acres), and across Siberia last week century-old temperature records were shattered. In Siberia’s third largest city, Krasnoyarsk, it was 70ºF, and in Abakan, the capital city of Khakassia, it was a shocking 77ºF — temperatures typical of mid-summer for this area. Before this unusually balmy spring, the warmest temperatures these cities have seen since record keeping begin in 1014 were 60º and 65ºF respectively. That record was set back in 1938.

“It was the hottest April 1 on record for several western Siberian cities,...

This is April 2014, the second hottest April on record. Note mind-boggling heat in Siberia.

image source

Siberia ... is now the capital of global warming, says distinguished Russian meteorological authority Valentin Meleshko, former head of St Petersburg-based Voyeikov Geophysical Observatory.

One impact will be even more snow in winter leading to excessive flooding in late spring and early summer, as seen last year in the devastating submerging of vast tracts of the Far East of Russia. 

'The process of warming in Siberia goes faster than elsewhere; it is not just hypothesis, there is data and observational evidence to prove it. Siberia is warming faster than any other place in the world,' Mr Meleshko told the The Siberian Times.

'Generally we all are not so interested in the fact that the global temperature changed... but we are very keen to understand new patterns of droughts and heavy rainfalls'. [emphasis mine]

Siberia is warming faster than anywhere in the world, warns top Rus...


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