2020 opens for me with a heavy heart. This graphic compares familiar wildfire crises with what's happening in Australia now.

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"Time in this moment feels like a long slog, in which one year is overtaken and suffocated by the next." Chauncey DeVega

Canberra's air is 20 times worse than the level of a health hazard. We're at 1.1 degree C rise. Australia's committed to coal and global elites to expanding all fossil fuels. 2020 feels like a tipping point to me, of our self-immolation descent.

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As I often do, "liking" NOT the facts but your reporting, educating, and sharing! Here in the US, the California wildfires got much more news coverage than the vastly more catastrophic ones in Australia.

In New South Wales, Saturday will be catastrophic. 

Temperatures are expected to soar above 40C (104F) in parts of south-east Australia on Saturday, with strong winds...

...  NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance described the forecast conditions as a "blast furnace".

Australia fires: Evacuation call stepped up as crisis worsens

This Monday a volunteer firefighter died when his 12 ton fire truck was flipped by a firenado.

'Firenados' are wreaking havoc across Australia

So far half a billion wild animals have been killed by the wildfires. 

The bad thing is that I read there is no way to stop this. Koalas and Roos are pictured as being very grateful to their rescuers and the fires just burn on.

Are there any koalas left?

At least a third of their habitat is gone, as far as I can tell. With the drought and heat, it's described as a starvation emergency. Large numbers of young joeys were expelled from pouches and left to die even in areas not actively burning. I assume Koala status might change, being categorized as more endangered. Since the fires are expected to continue through January and February, who knows where it's going.

Climate science predicted extreme fire risk for Australia by 2020.

I got this at reddit

I read that "smoke from Australia's wildfires is in the process of circumnavigating the planet", so I went to earth.nullschool to look at 2.5 micrometer particulates. The extent of 2.5 particulates globally was shocking. I check this often, and had never seen so much dangerous air pollution.

see current conditions

And to think that this was avoidable, if governments had taken seriously the warnings for decades that the seemingly cheap, harmless "energy buffet" of fossil fuels wasn't so cheap and harmless after all!

NASA released an animation showing how Australia's smoke is circulating in the stratosphere.

Australia's fires are producing so much smoke that it will most likely travel all the way around the earth and back to Australia, NASA said.

Australia's bushfires are producing so much smoke that NASA expects...

Koala clinging to a branch in a wildfire: “Only YOU can prevent climate change, stupid humans!”

Thanks, GC, I'll use that one.




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