They're mindless.

Their stupid is contagious.

And if they win, humanity loses.

The current Republican party has a near consensus on what to do about climate change - which is nothing.

They may differ on why we should do nothing:
-because it's all lies
-because the science is "uncertain"
-because we don't how harmful it might be
-even if it was true, we can't do anything about it anyways

But we should still do nothing, afterall, "it's the economy. stupid" seems to be the conventional political wisdom of the day.

What the hell are we do about these climate zombie morons?

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Fire them into the sun. Hot enough for you yet?

Seriously though. It continues to amaze me the crippled baby-steps people are taking with this. The most "progressive" republicans I know recognize "climate change", but refuse to use their heads and admit that it is ALL HUMANITY'S FAULT. You light a fire in a sealed room, you die of smoke inhalation. Expand the room to the earth, the fire to every last bit of burning we have ever done, and...well, macro/micro works out pretty well, especially in closed systems.

(and after reading the article, I feel dirty and ashamed for hailing from New Mexico. Survey says them there deniers are on their way. Then they get to rape my beloved Otero Mesa, thus perpetuating the cycle)
We do to them what we do to all zombies: Shoot em' in the brain before they bite you and spread the infection!
Yes, stop the climate zombies before they eat any more brains!
You have to be prepared... the tea party is comming!




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