I was just wondering if anyone knew of a clothing line for atheists. I have seen sites selling atheist t-shirts and hoodies but then sell christian clothes on the same site. I don't wanna support that. Is there any sites that do JUST atheist clothing? If not, is this something Atheist Nexus will get in to?

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I disagree in having products specifically for atheists. That is the theist mind-set, to wear their faith on their sleeve (pun intended). Besides, atheism is an absence of a belief, not a belief itself.
That is the theist mind-set

Atheist version of Godwin's Law! Discussion over!
Dunno... I haven't heard any right wingers say it. Maybe I should come out of my cave more often.

I think we need something like Godwin's Law for every time an atheist says something like "That is the theist mind-set". If I had a dollar for every time someone says/writes it, I could retire in style.
Wearing one of these shirts serves my purpose well enough. I live in the bible belt. For me to have to go every day seeing all these retards down who I am is irritating. It's a conversation starter. I have also had people come and question me about it and end up questioning things on their own. The more people I can help to drop the shackles of faith the better of we as a nation are. Religion is killing countries. It kills science. It kills anything good man kind is attempting to do. So if I offend a couple of these pussies GOOD! I hope I do. I hope they say something to me about it. And I hope that when I destroy their god through conversation they are humble enough to say "I'm sorry."

Then I'll point them in Bill's direction to buy a shirt and continue the process!

I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet. They're a great outfit. Most of the shirts in my t-shirt cycle come from there.

The non-belief community has had to develop it's own  art and messaging abilities Because general interest groups and businesses sometimes don't get the joke, and at other times are timid about possibly offending their biggest markets ( christian).  Walmart is not going to sell a "christian-bashing" themed shirt.

 So we atheists, humanist, skeptics, pastaferians, and freethinkers created our own arts and businesses.  We created EvolveFISH.com and Ring of Fire, and Dark Carnvial and started making and selling our own, atheist-specific material.  Sure Zazzle brought their minimum wage labor and copyright free design strategy into the field and is now offering lots of stuff.  But they will never be supporters of the cause. You wont see Zazzle advertising at an Atheist convention. You wont see them stand behind the concepts of freedom and personal liberty that is so important real non-believers.

They both use similar, low quality shirts and characteristics like scratchiness tend to come and go based on where they bought the last boat-load of shirts.  For a few pennies more they could get consistent quality, but they don't care much about that. 

I think you should market an atheist hoodie.

In the past, we have offered hoodies with various Atheist designs.  They don't move that well.  People for whom hoodies are a fashion statement don't tend to be atheists or Humanists.  But you have a good point.  We really should revisit this.   Stay tuned. 

Here is a picture of one hoodie we are currently offering. Any Reason Rally alumnus might enjoy the chance to tell questioners about that great event.




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