I was just wondering if anyone knew of a clothing line for atheists. I have seen sites selling atheist t-shirts and hoodies but then sell christian clothes on the same site. I don't wanna support that. Is there any sites that do JUST atheist clothing? If not, is this something Atheist Nexus will get in to?

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I think you will find it difficult to find someplace that doesn't, at some point in the production chain, involve work for many different organizations. But, given that, I think it makes sense to support those we can even if a portion may go to something we don't support. An example is A|N member Bill_S whose T-shirt, etc., line can be found here: http://www.zazzle.com/djflwb.
That's awesome. The reason I asked is because I have seen a few great shirts lately like the one of the twin towers that says "atheists don't fly planes in to buildings." and the one with the jesus fish with feet and the word "evolve" in the middle. I go to churches all the time to debate these retards and they have their little "WWJD" shirts and "John 3:16" and all that other bull shit. I just think it would be nice to represent what I am. I just don't want the funds going to people who stride the fence and are happy to take money from either side.
Evolvefish.com is owned and operated by atheists. From their site: EvolveFISH has now survived 14 years of battling the evangelical fundamentalist religious right. We can't claim to have won, but we are still here and we are proud to be out of the closet!
I checked out this new clothing store the other day. I couldn't see what was inside from the street and was hoping it had edgier clothing b/c of the store name. I opened the door and thought 'FUCK', it was a christian clothing store.
I know...I see these rock and roll jesus churches popping up everywhere here. I think it's just a bunch of douche bags that couldn't make it mainstream. I like landoverbaptist.com ....they have cool coffee mugs!!! Plus it's funny.....what I dig, is that the other side isn't sure whether or not it's for real...hehehe.
I like this one...http://www.zazzle.com/atheists_dont_fly_airplanes_into_buildings_po...

On a shirt it would be awesome!
LOL that is great! Sorry they took it down....I loved the idea of the towers since I am a vet of the war. I would love to advertise that I fought so Theists can continue acting like retards. I seen a guy that had a shirt with this picture on it.

Thank you! I'm assuming the profits go to Atheists....Have you ever seen this on a shirt? I love the patriotism http://api.ning.com/files/Mtcj6Uo0B8vhitr9zwIUDO4LuUVLX6fHDAkpFd1GJ...
Put and atheist logo in there and I'd be happy!
Evolvefish.com is owned and run by atheists.
LOL quick job but it gets the point across! Would work great on a shirt or a hat




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