CNN has been airing a six part series called Finding Jesus. The premise of the series is that each week it investigates an artifact associated with Jesus.

About the time the narrator states how Jesus , at that point brutally flogged and probably in severe shock, carries his 300 lb. cross to his place of execution with some assistance from someone pulled by the Romans from the crowd (Simon from Cyrene). That was when I knew that any hope of a scholarly approach to this or any matter regarding Jesus was never going to be part of this series.

The episode I suffered through, about the Shroud of Turin, makes a completely ingenuous case to support the validity of this long ago debunked hoax.

The episode is laced with classic antisemitic dogma in which the producers soften the classic “the Jews killed Christ” by replacing the implicit “all” with “some” Jews. Thus the rationale for hating and persecuting Jews throughout history is justifiable . After all, who knows how many descendants of the “some” are not ruling Hollywood, committing crimes, killing and drinking the blood of missing Christian children on Easter. Now that I think about it I’m amazed that they didn't have Mel Gibson on camera to narrate footage depicting “blood libel.”

My concern lies not with the airing of classic Biblical horse shit that is the standard pap for Christians. It is with the fact that CNN does nothing to provide any means for historical scholars, much less skeptics to offer an alternative form of explanation for these myths used to justify the mass murder of millions.

The steady drumbeat for the coming Fascist Amerika continues while we debate whether Jesus with or without assistance can drag a 300 lb. cross for conservatively a half mile… Puhleeze.

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I'm aware of this series. Why would CNN (of all networks) take on such a thing? Are they wanting to gain Christian viewers? The shroud is a known fake, and you cannot take on a subject like Jesus using the bible narratives for your point of truth. To do so is simply backing up church and Sunday school.

Michael, I feel rather weirded out by this programming as well.

I'd really like to hear from you if you can take a few minutes to watch any part of any episode. It really is full-blown theocracy on steroids.

My guess is It's all about market share Anne advertising revenue.




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