Cognitive Biases - A Visual Guide (Explains a great deal in a small amount of time.)

It may take a couple of tries to get it to present properly and don't forget to zoom in so you can read it (there's a toolbar at the bottom with zoom magnifiers) I picked 'scrolling' to read it - but there are a number of choices.

This is an eye opener. I read it first to feel vindicated by the number of my boss's biases I have already identified that drive me nuts. But then I went back to try and root out my own. This will actually help me deal with him more effectively - actually, with a lot of people. It will also help me approach observation, decision-making and assessment more effectively myself as I can watch out for these pitfalls of perception.

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Ow! - I just hurt my head. And yes, guilty, guilty, guilty . . . much more than I am embarrassed to say.

But what an excellent resource, especially with links to the wiki write-up for each one. I'll have to come back to this trough of wisdom soon - and often. Thanks




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