I could not find any other articles about Professor Skip Gate's arrest so please excuse me if there was one.

"I'm saying Skip, perhaps in this instance, might have waited a while, come outside, talked to the officer and that might have been the end of it," Powell says in an interview with Larry King, airing Tuesday night on CNN.

Most of you have probably seen something on television or read an article online about this. For me, it is as simple as it should have never happened. I have yet to see an article showing that he made threats against the officer, the only way an inaction would warrant arrest...Even if he did insult the officer, so what? Do people not realize we have a right to do that and many people exercise that right daily? Can we no longer call someone an asshole because he they are one?

I know Powell had to remain politically correct, but I am glad he mentioned in the interview his own discrimination and that most blacks face it as well.
Do people not think when I lived in a mostly black neighborhood that I was not insulted? It is just sounds people, the difference between I love you and I hate you is only in the perceived meaning we apply to them. It is quite easy for someone to say I love you but really hate you, vice-versa.

Some may say that this received too much attention, I say it did not receive enough, regardless of what happened, we must always fight for freedom least we loose it.
Lenny Bruce and George Carlin must be rolling in their graves....

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