You've probably all seen descriptions of the plane crash in Columbia as a "miracle" that the airplane was struck by a bolt of lightning during landing, crashed, broke into three pieces.  Out of 131 people on board, only one person died, which has been described as the miracle.  Is it just me, but if you were that one person, it doesn't seem so miraculous.  In fact, it sure sounds like a divine hit-job to me.  Anyone else?

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Yeah, I thought the same thing when I saw the news reports.
That was one well placed lightning bolt. You think the big G is a sniper?
i thought miracles were supposed to be good where everybody wins in light of gods terroristic ways.
They died of a heart attack after, not from the crash itself. >.>

So they were all excited to be part of this miracle and his/her heart decided that was too much? >.>

But yeah, doncha love that in normal cases? How they ignore the misfortune of the dead to celebrate those who survived as a miracle.
If it wasn't specifically a hit-job, then WTF? Angels just too lazy to save all 131 people..."well, we got 130 of these darn mortals, good enough boys!"
yeah it was a miracle god saved almost all the people for the plane crash he caused. Makes no sense. What about the person who died? I doubt they thought it was a miracle.
Seems random chance is even more powerful than the Almighty...
If all but one person had been killed, they'd have said that it was a miracle that there was a survivor.
Yeah,they always say that.
I remember when news stories never used that retarded "m" word. Damn I'm old.
Yep. Tragedy and miracle are like the two faces of the same coin.
That's not a miracle. Being saved by unicorns is a miracle.
Well said.



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