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looks like charles manson to me.
Ha! That is freakin' hilarious, Sentient! That wont make them alot of money, though.
Thinking about it, how many people have died at the hands of Jesus' followers, vs. how many died at the hands of Charles Manson's survivers.  Jesus is the clear winner.
Sentient, that is the comment of the century!
That's how all of my walmart receipts look.  I thought they had rolls of the shit with his face on it.

Speaking of toasters, I'm thinking of getting this one as a gift for my evangelical sister-in-law.  Wonder if I can get it at Wal-Mart with the bonus Charles Manson look-alike receipt?

Are we all SURE that isn't Jerry Garcia?!?
Everyone knows the new testament was originally drafted on thermal paper. Also, it wouldn't be a shocker if the conservative right that is corporate walmart didn't have "our lord's" "likeness" watermarked into their receipts.
I do smell a conspiracy theory with Walmart. Cheap publicity!



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