A chaplain from Mercy Hospital in Cincinnati is going to be at a new animal shelter today to bless pets that people bring in. I wonder if they would bless a snake, considering original sin.

What's next? Baptisms for pets? I'd pay to see them try to baptise cats that haven't been declawed. lol


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Reminds me of the movie Jesus camp where the woman that runs the camp goes around and blesses the room and the chairs and even the Powerpoint presentation. Apparently, if a program has a bug in it, it is Satan's fault.
When I lived in Miami, a local Catholic church had a "blessing of the cars" once a year. A good friend of mine, a theist, took her car each year. I never went with her, but now I wish I had just to see what it's all about.

Also, here in my little town, one Methodist church had a "blessing of the backpacks" at the beginning of the school year.

Blessing of the pets is at least for a living being, versus inanimate objects. It's all hilarious to me!! Religious folks never cease to amuse me.




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