Come on atheists! You know the saying, "If you can't say anything nice..."

I am new to the Athiest Nexus. I've been on maybe a week or two. The discussions and blogs are fun to read, even if I don't have anything to add to them.
However, I feel a bit disheartened when I read someone responding to a discussion or blog with negativity towards someone. It makes me not want to respond to anything because I didn't come here to have people bash my grammar or point their finger and laugh at me when I don't know much on a subject I try to discuss.
Does anyone else agree?

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Well, first of all, welcome to A|N.

This is a social networking site, so forums are a major part, but they aren't necessary to be involved. I personally like the atheist news group which although is a forum, has lots of posts about atheist and religious happenings in the news.

You've probably noticed that while we all may be atheist/agnositic, we may have differing opinions in other areas. However, I think you'll find that in general these forums have much less 'bashing' then just about all others on the internet. 99% of us like intelligent dialog, even with the 'other' side, if there happens to be one. One of the more heated debates lately has been on health care, but that is a heated subject anywhere. I found the forum here to have a lot of good information, and no one calling each other names just because they were for or against it.

I hope in the future you don't hesitate to add to the forums. Many of us admit to throughly researching subjects before we post, however, so that at least we don't get the easy stuff wrong, but for 90% of the forum subjects it's a lot about subjective matter and personal experience, so there are no 'wrong' answers.

Happy posting.
Welcome, Chanda. Yes, I do agree. There is an unfortunate tendency among some folk to be overly critical and judgemental about any perceived error, no matter how trivial. I do hope you won't allow that to stop you from being involved in the discussions. I know a few other old sayings like, "Get down off your high horse" and another involving "the horse you rode in on", for those who become too obnoxious in their behavior. :)
Welcome, Chanda. I second what the guys say. And don't mind felch and others of his ilk. He's obviously been stuck under his rock in the outback way too long. I find him mildly entertaining, but some folks would say abraisive is the better adjective. You don't have to pay those people any mind. There are plenty of us who are much nicer. This a very good forum for the nonbelievers in this fundie saturated nation of ours. It's important for us to form some sort of cohesive unit just to keep them from overrunning us. Your presence is welcomed and appreciated.
I find it amusing that you on one hand agree with the above posts, and at the same time insult an entire planet by assuming that everyone on A|N is American and that Australians live in the "Outback". The majority of Australians live in urban areas and not in the bush. I also find it almost dogmatic to state that everyone should follow a certain model of behaviour that you believe to be superior.
We Aussies happen to be very fond of Felch. He's our mascot. Yes, we have to keep him on a leash when we go out, and he has terrible table manners, but he's really very sweet when you get to know him. (I mean this sincerely - most people on this site only see grumpy Felch, they don't see the caring, helpful Felch behind the caricature who contributes a great deal to AN behind the scenes and has been a fierce defender of this site since its inception.) Now Felch is going to kill me for ruining his reputation.
On a leash...

It makes me not want to respond to anything because I didn't come here to have people bash my grammar or point their finger and laugh at me when I don't know much on a subject I try to discuss.

It sounds like you might have an inferiority complex, Chanda. You're fretting about criticism that you have yet to receive. We learn from correction. It's how we grow and challenge ourselves. Successful leaders have often preferred to surround themselves with those that they can count on to correct them.

Just be yourself and accept that disagreements can and will arise when thinking people get together. I'm sure you'll have fun and I'm sure that many will benefit from your contributions.

Welcome to A|N.
I think there's a line between being open to criticism and not wanting to be laughed at for incorrect grammar. I've involved myself in plenty of discussions in which I've made myself look like an ass because I didn't study up enough. But, I also learn quite a bit from the folks here, so it goes both ways.

However, there are arrogant people out there (and on here) that find it personally enjoyable to call other people out on stupid issues like grammar or trivial mistakes. You just have to ignore them or test your wit and criticize right back. I'm not a fan of pompous pricks, but they do exist and this site is no exception (although they're more rare).

I say post all you want, accept honest feedback and ignore the jerks. It's a policy I use on every forum I visit.
After reading the other replies, I am reminded of something that my brother LOVES to say, and I think it will help put things in perspective for you. "Making fun of others makes you feel better about yourself." My brother is an incurable cynic.
PD...did I mention YOU by name?? Take off the shoe if it doen't fit. And I think you just confirmed Chanda's fears.
No doubt. Thanks, for all your posts everyone. I am not the type of person who does much more than work on my I didn't want to become part of an annoying, on-going arguement with people I was actually trying to be connected with. I have been posting/responding to a few things here and there. But I'm sure something will come up, at which point I will probably apologize for my lack of knowledge on a subject or offending whoever read what I said.
I will assume that this is aimed at me, since there does not seem to be another person with a handle fitting "PD". If you wish to refute a statement posted by someone you should spell out thier nick. Although there was no refutation just a poor attempt at " mind your own business". As I stated previously attacking Felch based upon his nationality is adhominem at best. And as far as minding my own business, I live in Australia and maybe you should lookup "Mateship" and you might understand. As for your statement about a " fundie saturated nation of ours" It makes a very jingoistic assumption. I am usually much more sedate than this, but I cannot tolerate dogma of anykind.




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