Come on atheists! You know the saying, "If you can't say anything nice..."

I am new to the Athiest Nexus. I've been on maybe a week or two. The discussions and blogs are fun to read, even if I don't have anything to add to them.
However, I feel a bit disheartened when I read someone responding to a discussion or blog with negativity towards someone. It makes me not want to respond to anything because I didn't come here to have people bash my grammar or point their finger and laugh at me when I don't know much on a subject I try to discuss.
Does anyone else agree?

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Relax, PD. We all knew who he was responding to. And he didn't attack Felch based on his nationality. He simply pointed out that some folks can find him mildly abraisive but also said that he's entertained by the guy.

I do think it was wrong to single out one user like that, though.
Who the hell is Felch? Why does everyone know him? Wait! Is he...God!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

FYI: I hope you all found that funny. It was meant to be a joke.
Oh, no. Felch is more like a lesser demon. Kinda bristly, but he only uses his pitchfork for good and never for evil. Well, mostly never. Sort of.
I'll never forget the night I lost my Felch virginity.

No really, Felch is an iconoclast with a cause. Very nice fellow.
I hate him for being popular. Does he have a letter jacket too? Punk jock.

(Still joking...Don't yell at me!!!)
Aaron said: Ive just recently become a felch bitch

Welcome to the club. We meet in the bar Monday's, Wednesday and Friday's to swap Felch stories and discuss who's pissed him off most this week. The winner gets a green furball.
Your misspelling of "grammar" in this context is a masterstroke of irony. Well played, sir.
I agree when it comes to nitpicking someone's comments on spelling and/or grammar. I'm certainly not here to be an English teacher. Keep in mind atheism doesn't suddenly make anyone more or less respectable in how we treat each other. Although you can't stop anyone from making you feel like an "outcast", don't ever let them stop you from participating. There's lots of reasonable folks and different groups that can help you explore different subjects. At the end of the day, all we share is an internet connection and a non-belief in any god. Beyond that, it's all up for debate - both the good and the bad.
Unholyroller: And don't mind felch and others of his ilk. He's obviously been stuck under his rock in the outback way too long

I'm just that horrid little voice in the back of your head you suppress in the name of some kind of civilisation. The one that's unrestrained by decency, compassion, tact, decorum or propriety. I'm free, just like testicles swaying in the breeze at a nudie beach. Try it, you might like it. I eat boogers too (as if you guys don't).

I really don't expect much from people, other than to treat this site with a little bit of respect, and if possible, be entertaining on the side. Not like we don't have a common goal.
"I eat boogers too......" So does my grandson, but he's only six years old and we discourage it. As for being free...I've not been accused of being a tight-assed fogy for a long time. My sister is on this site. She's "The Gardener". Ask her. I may consider you a condescending, patronising asshole, I've never denied that you're a very smart one. Your intellect is awesome. I admire that. At times I've even (gasp) agreed with you. As for the horrid little voice....I made friends with mine a long time ago. I embrace my dark side...after's my best one. I'm a nurse who works with oncology patients. I have great compassion for these folks, but not necessarily for everyone I meet. There are a great many fools in this world....occasionaly I'm one of them.
All said and done, most of the people you rip to shreds richly deserve it. But not everybody all the time....just my own one ever has to agree with me.
I'm probably pretty weird for this, eh, but I love negativity. Most anti-negativity I've experienced in my life has been damn suppressive; so, I guess that's why--like a nice, little repressed Catholic who, in a drunken blur during Mardi Gras, decides to give up religion for Lent.

I don't think all negativity's cool, though. I have feelings, too, after all. Some stuff is just trolling and worthless. Whether a person is a (ripping-apart)-hater or Grade-A troll, the trolls are always around, trolling, and we have to deal with their activities. As such, there's always the risk that someone'll make you feel bad with some words over the internet. Sucking it up is a necessity.

I thought I'd have some powerful summation at the end of this post; I was wrong. Don't feed the trolls.
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