Comedian Ricky Gervais is bringing atheists into the "Afterlife"

There's trouble in Paradise, or at least there will be if atheist comic Ricky Gervais gets his way. According to Hollywood sources Gervais, creator of the series The Office and Extras, is working with ex-Dexter  showrunner Clyde Phillips on a script for a new television show called Afterlife. Not much is known about it yet except that it explores what  happens to an atheist who dies and finds himself in Heaven; an idea that in itself is sure to ruffle a few feathers in the religious community.


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Well I really liked him in " The Invention of Lying" and would like to see this if they manage to produce it
Since Ricky is an atheist, I can see it actually being humorous rather than actually offensive to nonbelievers. And of course the Christian world will complain. An atheist in heaven goes against their whole point of making people worship their deity.


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