Comedy gets me thru difficult times like nothing else, Im too old I think to start an actual Comedy career,(OK OK I lack the talent) But If one were so inclined and lacked the funds to hire good comedy writers Id suggest going on Comments of News articles, Sports ,World, domestic, Even weather, because if you read these comments open mindedly Boy are there some tremendously funny witisisms (allright I cant spell either) and one with talent might find a career door here. Any good Atheist Jokes anyone? Like "standards "What do you get when you cross a Jehovah witness with an Atheist? Ans.-Someone on your front porch for no apparent reason! OR Did you hear about the Dyslexic Atheist? -He lived his whole life believing there was no such thing as a dog! OR the 2 guys at a friends funeral "Ah he looks so good dressed in that suit doesn't he?" Other replies "Yeah what a shame All dressed Up and No Place To Go"! A good laugh even at ones self will get you thru some stressful moments and you don't even have to make it up, If you look at it objectively the idiot is staring you right in the face in the mirror (Wink)

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