What do you like?  For me it's starchy foods, mostly baked.  Pies, breads, casseroles, pastas, tamales, dumplings.

I like cooking the breads, casseroles, and pies.  A weekend without a pie is wasted.

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Blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream! When I was young, I was raised for years by my French Canadian grandmother. My older brothers and I were recently reminiscing about the days when we lived with her. The consensus is that we would defile a Koran in an armed Al Qaeda camp just to get another slice of her blueberry pie.

Blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream sounds yummy!

This the only "comfort food" we do eat often...because they are out there on the tree from mid-November to April:

AVOCADOS!  Maashed, with salsa, mashed on bread with salt & pepper, sliced in anything...gazpacho soup with avocado.

Just don't give any to your pets.

Oh, My!  I'm always jealous when you mention your Avocado tree!

That's another fond memory of my mother's food.  She would make us Avocado sandwiches as often as she could afford them.  

Not much of a crop this year.  Just enough for us, and a few gifts to friends at Solstice.  All the reachable ones (we do have a cutter on an extendable 10' pole) are gone; we usually have enough to last through April. 

The easiest cobbler ever 1c flour 1c sugar 1 egg mix it till it looks like course meal. Sprinkle it over four c berries. Drizzle 6 tbls melted butter over it. Bake for 30/35 minutes in preheated 375 degree oven.
It makes sense wonderful crunchy crust. I love it.

That sounds great!  For me it will be rhubarb.  Still a month or two away, but whent it's ready, cobbler will be served!

Saving that recipe.  Thanks.

What a great recipe for fresh fruit. 

Just curious, k.h.  Do you need to grease or butter the pan before baking? Thanks. 

Yes I could think of many starchy foods - I eat more of these type foods when stressed.

I just  remembered chewy Oatmeal, Raisin & Walnut cookies....because I''m eating one.  Just about the only type we buy..."made in the store" at our local Safeway affiliate. (I'm afraid to check my blood sugar...been out of my pills for 2 weeks  = 8 O   )

Think I'll make a cup of cocoa and have another cookie.

*>:) devil

Felaine, you reminded me of another thing mom made that I liked.  They were some kind of raisin-filled cookie thingy.  The raisins were liquified, but I don't remember if anything else was added.  It's the only way I like raisins.




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