Hello My Name is Ryan. I'm an agnostic (maybe I Don't belong here?) with atheist leanings (oh nope yeah I do). I'm a huge comic book nerd and currently a college student with a psych major. I enjoy watching documentaries on biology and astrophysics (ergo I'm a huge Carl Sagan fan) and watching debates on religious topics.

My history is too long and torrid to go on for a long time but some key points to note:

I've lived in SD Nearly all My life (The prevalence of ignorance is disturbing)
I attend SDSU, and have argued with a supposed "Religious apologist" Frank Turek. I'd like to think that I won those arguments during the Q&A session because he got to points where he'd just say "Ok We're going to drop it".

I Hope to learn much here.

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Ryan, for some reason, there was no "reply" tab at the bottom of your last post!? :\


Anyhow, Dawkins, Hitchens and the rest NEVER said they can, or will attempt to prove the non existence of god.

Dawkins makes this clear in his book.

He is a scientist, and god can not be proven nor disproven with the scientific method. The very nature of god makes it impossible. Dawkins knows this.

One can, however, show ample evidence that religion, all religions, are human inventions, that bible scripture is highly contradictory, missleading and ambiguous, which makes gods omniscience very suspect since it is supposed to be the inerrent word of god.


No, neither evolution nor the Big Bang make any theist claims whatsoever, it mearly shows that god was not needed for these things to happen and that there are logical scientific reasons to explain the universe around us without evoking a god. 



yours doesn't have a reply either : \

Strange strange.

So essentially what you're saying is that with my current views...the improbability of God and the of his presence...I'm essentially already an atheist in all but self-label?

And I Don't recall ever saying that the Big Bang (Derr I know who banged it...garbage) Or Evolution (god's convoluted plan....I think not) was applicable to theistic arguments....or am I missing something?

Nope, your not missing anything, just typing whatever came into my head at the time.

And yes, maybe some garbage banged it and we can call the garbage god ;)


But no, my rambling had nothing to do with your post, just diarrhea of the brain :\


I was never much into comis books, had a few, but I was a fanatic of the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine! :) I still have a whole big box full of really old ones :)


I still love the old 50's and 60's cheesy horror and sci fi movies, in fact, I just got a bootleg of The Amazing Colossal Man which I am about to pop into my DVD player :)


Ryan, I dont believe in labels. Not sure I understand your question.

My impression is that you kindda want to believe, but the logical half of you says no way!

Am I wrong?

I also get the feeling that you are here because you want us to help you make up your mind.

And I mean this in a friendly way :)


Oh No I don't want to "believe" because Believing requires faith.

I'm just saying I don't haven enough to SAY God doesn't exist....oh wait...damn...maybe you're right but I didn't come here to make up my mind I came here to Learn more in general.

Ryan, than this is a good place to learn stuff.

We are very particular about getting our facts right, scientific, philosophic or historic.

There is always someone willing to correct you if you screw up (the first time).

Then, if you do it again, they rip you to shreads ;) JK

Hi ya Ryan! I am new here as well but wanted to drop in and meet/greet. :) 

 This conversation is a familiar one in my home. I'm atheist, dh is agnog. Our beliefs regarding this are so similar one would be hard pressed to discern between the two,  but the know/No bridge is what keeps us using different identifiers as well. We won't even get into qualifiers... :)

 Anywho, Welcome Welcome! :)



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