My tribute to that most wonderfully bitter and hateful book, Revelation.

edit: OK obviously there should now be a link. What completely ignorant mistake am I making? I click link on the toolbar, and put in the damn address. And nothing. I am so fucking dumb. Somebody help me.

It should be:

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Thank you Jerry.
Thank you both for nice compliments. So Mr. B what tragically simple thing am I doing wrong?
OK, world's greatest hacker making a link...
Thanks for your patience with my ignorance Mr. B! My failing was to first highlight something from the text, I thought you just click link and paste it in.
There is always room in this world to learn. The trick is to not be intimidated to ask, though I could follow my advise sometimes. Most people don't know, so your doing other people a favor.

People will find this link. There you will see a page that is similar to a MS word interface, only no grammar or spell check. To avoid being long drawn out, just note that there is a botton that has a small globe with a chain link, first high lite where you want the link, and another one that is of a picture. That also should explain itself. Note that there is a botton that says source which shows you the code. if you pick up any code at all, you can add that in. But I am pointing out this place because you can copy and paste into a reply or post here.
OK, world's greatest hacker making a link...




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