When I was watching this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxNP228FEso&feature=g-user-u and they were talking about derogatory it got me thinking. What's our derogatory term? Is it Satan Worshiper? If black people are like "hey don't use the "n" word", then maybe we should be like "hey don't call me a Satan worshiper."

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the whole satan thing gets the proverbial 'niggah please!' even black folks get that.. ; )

look.. have you heard of Greydon Square? he'll open yer brain up a bit on deroga'tism? ; )

keep on rockn' in the free world; get that catharsis outta the way! and live. peace!

I was giving an example of like how we should have our word that we don't want religious people to call us.

Why bother specifically looking for some name for atheists, to NOT like?




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