Another way of Naughty Niko coming out in his community, aside from the Wanted Poster, was to run a small local newspaper ad celebrating his 80th birthday. This also made him many more new friends:

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My relatives and friends know I'm an atheist. Except my in-laws. My husband lives in dread that I'll blurt out my views at a Christmas dinner or something. Incidentally, I told my grandmother I was an atheist when I had to refuse giving the prayer at Thanksgiving. I was then attacked by my uncle and cousin who told me to go home since I was too good to celebrate Thanksgiving. I explained to my bonehead-relatives that Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, though created to honor our self-righteous deist ancestors. Well, things got ugly, and etc. Finally, my grandmother told everyone to shut up.

My flustered grandmother then turned to me and asked, "Well why do you come to Thanksgiving then?"
My reply was, "I come to see you grandma. And for the pie. "

That satisfied her,though she continues to pray for conversion.

Dude.....when I grow up I wanna be just like you! Happy B-Day!
Niko, you are quickly becoming a hero of mine. :)


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