By Adebowale Ojowuro

The way to change a society is to impart rational thoughts into the minds of the people. Observable transgression against the law of sanity and common sense is a disturbing question for ethics in the human society.

Despite being at liberty to exercise the aptness of reason, the fundamental theology that binds humanity to religious belief continues fallible. Echoes of Common Sense brings the library of rationality and reason—the matter-of-fact reflection—with every engine of logic to awaken the common sense of the people to astute ethics of belief, which habitually gets misplaced in the common imbecility of human nature.

The author delivers fully packed commonsensical arguments to stimulate the minds of the populace into the path of natural truth. This book is scintillating and thought-provoking in its entire details. Ojowuro employs blunt arguments in such a comprehensive and engaging manner, from the usage of articulate expressions, to present several cases under reflection in this book. Echoes of Common Sense is a complete, satisfactory depiction of every virtue of reasoning. It’s truly a compendium of information and knowledge—enlightening and eye-opening—a resounding masterwork!


Echoes of Common Sense

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