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I think you are missing something here.  Ryan is a star.  Ryan has matinee idol good looks in the vein of any one of dozens of movie and TV actors, day-old beard and all, each hair neatly combed into place—the guy must spend hours in front of a mirror.  But good looks are skim deap and what I see is a hustler, a cheap hustler.  His ideas are nothing but a script he memorized, written by the One Percent for the most photogenic of the Repubs. They boil down to dismantling every beneficial social program since the New Deal and Draconian measures punishing women, queer people, and other minorities.  Paul Ryan is a shuck.

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And you think the dems are any better?  They are both statists, and until we start voting for liberty, freedom, and constitutional oriented candidates, it's never going to change. 

Ryan seems to be one of those persons who is not troubled by inconsistencies in his reasoning, weak assumptions, consideration of conflicting data etc.  He lacks robust critical thinking and has a degree of True Believer.


See for the Heritage Foundation roots of the budget.  They note that

"Twice before, in 2001 and 2003, the Heritage Foundation provided economic forecasts purporting massive economic gains from President George W. Bush’s tax cuts similarly slanted toward the very rich."


Predicting millions of jobs created it actually lost jobs in the 8 years and remember the financial collapse at the end?


With the new Ryan (Heritage economic model ) predicts  things that CBO can' support such as:


  • Nearly 1 million additional jobs created in 2012, with the unemployment rate falling to 6.4 percent. Actually, at the pace of job creation they estimate, unemployment will likely be around 8 percent by the end of 2012. Heritage's job-creation estimate would need to be 2.2 million higher between now and 2012—more than 50 percent higher than their estimate—in order to actually reach an unemployment rate of 6.4 percent by the end of 2012; past Heritage predictions overestimated job creation by an average of 6.2 million jobs per year.
I seriously think that poster should be made public to every tea partier out there that's duped by the 'taxed enough already' argument that serves as the basis of their political 'party'.  The middle class takes up the tax burden and the rich find loopholes.  Corporations just threaten to leave the country if they don't get ridiculous tax write-offs.  No wonder there's a revenue shortfall!  It's not just the spending side of the equation....and wasteful spending is part of the's the way corporations and private individuals can find ways to dodge responsibility.
Wait a minute there, one of the GOP talking points was that the tax breaks for the One Percenters helps "small business owners" and that this would create jobs.  The only job created by these "small business owners" is a snow job.  I still think it may be time to bring up the R word.  The Scalia Court and the One Percenters have turned the country into a plutotheocracy.

It's like they want to plug numbers into the equation that look the rosiest.  This is a case of deceptive accounting practices.  Ryan is fond of hauling out his scary charts.  I have recently read in a Slate article that, not only are Ryan's projections about employment ridiculously optimistic, he has ideas about housing market growth that seem unrealistic as well.


People on the far right of the GOP claim that taxing the rich has a negative effect on job creation...low taxes supposedly stimulate job creation.  I would like to see data that backs up that assertion.  Trickle down economics doesn't appear to be a model worth revisiting but that seems to be what Ryan is proposing. I also need to hear more about these so-called block grants that will replace Medicare benefits...state level voucher systems worry me.  I am also concerned with Ryan's lack of interest in financial regulatory many in the GOP he seems happy to trust everything to the free market: Banking, Health, Education, Environmental Protection.  I'm more cynical, I guess.


But I do grudgingly give Ryan credit for trying to get a handle on the federal have to give him credit for putting effort into the huge problem.  But I certainly hope this "Path to Prosperity" gets a very close inspection by members of Congress, economists, and the American Public.  It is a path with huge pitfalls capable of swallowing those members of our population that Ryan derisively called the "social welfare hammock"...those would be the elderly, the children, the disabled, and the 'economically disadvantaged' who cannot find work in this stagnant economy.

It's not almighty, but it's a darn good place to start from.
You say oligarchy, I say plutocracy/Let's call the whole thing off!




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