It sure has not been easy. Black AMERICAN people in my opinion are some of the most superstitious/religious people in the world. The sad part is its mostly because of indoctrination. I am the only atheist in my family. When ask what religion I am I say none. Then that leads to the next question..."what does none mean?" I'm always hearing I will pray for you or silly shit like that. My husband is besides himself and think I will become "immoral". (as if morals come from a god). My mother is OK with me. I will always be her baby. I need mommas love from everybody.

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There is a black atheist group on here and some of their stories may help you. Many are still afraid to come out because not just families but black society may socially ostracize and persecute them.
It is true. I have found many online, just not in my everyday life. Thank you ;-)
Well it's good news that your mom is giving you some unconditional love at least...and I have met quite a few black atheists, agnostics, and religions other than Christian/Muslim.
I cant wait to meet some in person.
LMAO!! I think me and my daughter need to plan a trip to the O.
I've REALLY always wondered why black people seem SO MUCH more superstitious. Is it some kind of oppression/ needing to feel a powerful protector thing?

All the black atheists I know online seem to have it so much worse than everybody else.

What do you mean have it worse?

Because their families and communities are so deeply religious that they get really outcasted. My one friend says he can't stand all of the worried looks he gets all the time like they expect him to fall over and die any second.

I guess you mean its worse when we come out?? As in harder for black people to accept atheism? That would be true.

Yeah, that's what I meant.



I am not a historian or anything. But I believe it has a lot to do with the oppression the black people have had to endure in the past centuries - not only in the U.S. - When a community is oppressed, they tend to turn to religion so as to create a basis of common values. When they have nowhere else to turn to, they tend to turn to a god, some superior being which, they believe, will help them endure their ordeal. I believe it isn't so much different from, say, the Jews. In a way, they have had a similar history of sorts.



Lol, I have two black friends driving me insane because they cannot understand why I cannot believe. One I ended up blocking on msn when he went on a long angry rant about how we worship television and watch it 24 hours a day, and then work for money to watch more television. It was bizarre. >.< The other told me his ex-girlfriend was possessed, so how could I not believe in possession? X.X So yeah, I'm finding out what you mean firsthand.




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